2014 has been an excellent year for the team at AdvoLogix. Our practice and matter management platform has continued to advance the productivity rates of our customers through enhanced workflow tools, mobile applications, new data visualization techniques and much more. A summary of our enhancements this year have included the following:


General Matters

  • Introduced new My Matters component, tab and Salesforce1 app. Displays all matters owned or “Participated” in by the logged in user.
  • Introduced Matter Search, searches all Matter fields and all fields on related objects. Results displayed similar to global search.


Matter Calendar

  • Introduced new organization-wide Matter Calendar (opposed to only Matter context).
  • Redesigned the desktop user interface.
  • Added the ability to display the Matter Calendar on a tab.
  • Added the option to display Time entries.
  • Added the option to display “My Matters” only.
  • Added user participants to be included in the selection of “My Matters”.
  • Added the option to excluded Activities that are NOT associated with a Matter.
  • Added the ability to save settings, per user, per device.
  • Added new Day Zoom and List views for the Matter Calendar.
  • Added fully functional Salesforce1 device support for tablets and phones.


Matter Gantt

  • Redesigned the user interface.
  • Added the option to display Key Dates (in addition to Activities)
  • Added the option to display “My Activities” only.


Action Plans

  • Added support for “Days Before” the Base Date.
  • Added the ability to select a field from the Matter record for the Base Date of the Action Plan. Previously this needed to be entered by the end user at runtime.
  • Added the ability to use a User field from the Matter object as the “Assigned To” of the new Task or Event.
  • Improved the behavior of dependent activities to allow for their immediate creation and maintain their date relationship when parent activity dates change.
  • Added an Apex calling convention to allow Action Plans to be instantiated via buttons, triggers or other automated calling conventions.
  • Added disposition options to save Activities created by the Action Plan when removing the Action Plan from the Matter.



  • Added the ability to be automatically assigned the default Content Library.
  • Added the option to record Time when creating a Content record.
  • Added the ability to quickly filter by Library by using the Library row in the Category tree.



  • General Support
  • Matter Calendar Application
  • My Matters Application



  • Redesigned the Card Wall UI to be consistent with the Matter Calendar & Gantt UI updates.
  • Expense object improvements for accounting integrations.
  • MS Word application updated for Word 2013.
  • QuickBooks integration (Accounting Seed in progress).
  • Ongoing user experience improvements, performance, quality, and documentation improvements.