When installed in the same organization AdvoLogix and Accounting Seed seamlessly work together to create a unique user experience. The combined experience goes beyond integration, the two applications coalesce into a seemingly custom-fit application. The resulting implementation provides best of breed Matter Management, Accounting and end-to-end billing.

Adding Another Layer to Our Stackable Application Platform

AdvoLogix is pleased to release our free add-on for Accounting Seed.

Key points of the integration include:

  • Create Accounting Seed Bills and Invoices using Time and Expenses captured in AdvoLogix.
  • Monitor Matter productivity and profitability from a unified application.
  • Dashboards that combine accounting metrics with matter management and productivity metrics.
  • Easily confine accounting information to “need to know” users.
  • Best of breed Matter Management and Accounting Applications


Billing Preview


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The Billing Preview (illustrated above) is an integral component of the billing process. Administrators and Timekeepers can stay on top of their Matter Billing status with a simple and intuitive experience.
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