We are pleased to announce the availability of the AdvoLogix Fall 2017 release. The following summary is taken from the release notes found in the application guide.

Matter Management

Access Related Matters in Outlook and Gmail

  • The new AdvoLogix Related Matters component provides users with quick access to relevant Matters and related details from within Lightning for Outlook and Lightning for Gmail. While working within Outlook® or Gmail™, Matters are automatically surfaced based on the parties participating in the email or event currently in context. In addition to viewing Matter information, users have the ability to collaborate via Chatter, view related lists, or perform inline data editing without leaving the application.


  • A new Matter Participant record type has been added to allow users the ability to enter a free-form name. This aides in situations where a formal Account or Contact record is not needed. To utilize this new Participant type simply select Other as the record type when creating a new Participant.
  • The Participant Batch Entry process now has the ability to optionally include your organization’s custom Participant fields.

Matter Search

  • The new Matter Search Lightning component allows deep searching within Matter related records from within the Matter Record page when using the Lightning Experience. This new component provides the same functionality (with a richer user experience) as the Visualforce component used within the classic user interface.
  • The Matter Search Results dialog has been improved to incorporate an improved visualization. A new sidebar allows users to quickly assess results metrics by record type and quick locate and limit results within a given set of related data.

Matter Budget Analysis

  • In addition to the Variance Amount, a new column has been added to quickly identify the Variance %.
  • A new feature allows users the ability to hide or display the Timekeeper budget breakdown.
  • A new option is available to quickly print the Budget vs Actual breakdown.

Focus Matters

  • The Focus Matters component now has the ability to filter Matters by the Participation Role. This new feature allows the logged in user to view Matters based on their specific relationship to the Matter as designated in the Matter Participant list.
  • Document Assembly – AdvoDoc

    • AdvoDoc now supports the ability to simultaneously create documents for multiple Matters. When the AdvoDoc button has been added to a standard list users will be able to tag a list of Matters and quickly create a document for each selected Matter.

    Billing and Timekeeping

    • The Billing Preview can now be launched directly from a Matter or an Account with the resulting display filtered to the context of the underlying Matter or Account.
    • The Batch Time and Weekly Timesheet user interfaces now support the “Required” attribute of custom fields used within these user interfaces.
    • The Batch Time and Weekly Timesheet user interfaces now support the ability to control the field order (left to right) of custom fields used within these user interfaces.
    • The Batch Time and Weekly Timesheet user interfaces now support the ability to remove standard fields from the data entry dialog.

    Multi Timer

    • A new global option allows organizations to restrict users to a single “running” Timer. When this option has been enabled, the currently active timer can be running and all other timers will be paused.
    • The Multi Timer Lightning component may now be added to any object’s Lightning page layout. This feature is useful for relating a specific time tracking endeavor to any record in AdvoLogix.
    • The Multi Timer can now be added to the sidebar panel in Lightning for Outlook and/or Lightning for Gmail.
    • A new Global Action can be used to quickly invoke a new timer from the AdvoLogix global action menu.


    Calendars and Scheduling

    • The Timeline Lightning component now has the ability to create new related records directly from the Timeline.
    • Action Plans now support the ability to use a dependent picklist for the Activity Type. This provides Action Plan designers the ability to select different picklist choices for Tasks vs Events.


    Shield Platform Encryption Support

    • Shield Platform Encryption is an optional add-on available with your AdvoLogix licensing. Shield Platform Encryption provides an additional layer of security enabling your organization to encrypt sensitive data at rest, not just when transmitted over a network.