We are pleased to announce the availability of the AdvoLogix Spring 2017 release. The following summary is taken from the release notes found in the application guide.

Matter Management

  • Matter Intake Form (new feature)
    The Matter Intake Form accepts critical Matter information in one step. Users may quickly create a new Account (Client), Primary Contact and Matter in one step. If necessary, this form can be uniquely customized to accommodate your unique business requirements or easily copied (and modified) for different practice areas within your organization.

    The Matter Intake Form is accompanied by a set of API features to allow integrators the options to default an existing Account and/or Contact. Typical use cases for this functionality facilitate expedient data entry by allowing the form to be invoked from within the context of an Account or Contact.

  • Participants
    Organizations now have the option to auto-populate Participants from lookup fields on the Matter. Participants are very important component for effective Matter Management. At times however, it’s useful to record Participants as lookup fields on the Matter. Especially when reporting or document automation requirements dictate access to this information strictly at the Matter level.

    By implementing this new feature organizations now have the best of both worlds; a concise list of searchable participants for conflict checking and relationship analysis while also meeting their unique reporting and automation needs.

Participation Map

  • Participants with more than ten Matter relationships are now automatically collapsed for better visibility within the Participation Map.
  • A new Participant list view can now be selected within the Participation Map.
  • A new zoom feature allows the Participation Map to be viewed in full screen mode, resulting in a more pleasant display for densely related Participants.
  • The new Participant inline Visualforce component is now available for Accounts and Contacts. This is the same panel introduced for Matters in the AdvoLogix Winter 2017 release.

Matter Hierarchy

  • Several improvements to the Matter Hierarchy user interface improve the overall aesthetics and more closely align the look and feel with the standard Salesforce.com Account Hierarchy feature.
  • A new zoom feature allows the Matter Hierarchy tree view to be viewed in full screen mode, resulting in a more pleasant display for densely related Matters.


Document Assembly – AdvoDoc

  • A new Preview feature within the template designer allows users the ability to preview a document with live data without leaving the Template Designer.
  • Added the ability to create System Templates. System Templates are non-object based and may be used inserted into other templates. Although System Templates are non-object based, global merge variables (company, user, etc) are available. Example use cases would include organization or user based document headings and signature blocks.
  • A new option allows users to immediately download a new document upon creation.


Document Management – File and Content Manager

  • Added the ability to delete a file using the file’s context menu.
  • Added the ability to invoke file Sharing options from the file’s context menu.


Billing and Timekeeping

  • Multi Timer (new feature)
    The new AdvoLogix Multi Timer allows users to concurrently track multiple timekeeping sessions. While the new Multi Timer is available for the Classic user interface a significantly enhanced set of functionality is exclusively available within the new Lightning Experience. The following user experience options are available with the new Multi Timer:
  • 1. A Lightning component is available for the: Home Page, Utility Bar, and Matter Page within the Lightning Experience.

    2. A mobile Multi Timer application is available for the Salesforce1 Mobile App.[/li_item]

    3. A Home Page component and a Visualforce page (for use as a Visualforce Tab) are available in the Classic user interface.

    4. An AdvoLogix API function allows integrators the ability pragmatically start a new timer.

  • Weekly Timesheet
    1. Users now have the option to dynamically remove weekends from the Timesheet’s days of the week .

    2. A new global setting allows organizations to lock the Timesheet’s Timekeeper filter to the current logged in user.


Calendars and Scheduling

  • Action Plan Templates have a new Gantt view for hypothetically visualizing the chronological distribution of the template.
  • Added the ability to use any Task picklist field for the columns in the Kanban. This is useful, for example, for those organizations using a Phase or Stage field on their Tasks.
  • User interface improvements to align with the Lightning Experience Kanban displays.


Lightning Experience (incremental support)

  • AdvoLogix now supports the Lightning Experience. Please be aware there are degrees of parity still not achieved by the Lightning Experience. For these reasons we suggest reviewing the Lightning Experience road map. Please review our chapter and dedicated guide for the recommended customizations to implement the Lightning Experience.

    * The Lightning Experience Matter page illustrated with this article is taken from a pilot implementation of AdvoLogix requiring specific customizations.