We are pleased to announce the availability of the AdvoLogix Summer 2016 release. The following summary is taken from the release notes found in the application guide.

Matter Management

  • A new Participation Map (shown above) graphically explores the relationship a Matter’s Participants might share with other Matters. For example, a particular Expert on the underlying case may appear on other Matters, with or without the same role.
  • The Matter Hierarchy has been enhanced with a new visualization mode. The new mode graphically explores the relationships a Matter has with other Matters within your organization.
  • The Matter Timeline now has the ability to filter by date range as well as the ability to create a printable view of the Timeline.



Document Management

  • AdvoDoc (shown above), a new template-driven document assembly application generates new documents from an AdvoLogix Matter, Account, Contact or any other object. Documents can be created on demand or automatically through the use of an AdvoLogix business process automation tool. (beta release)

    The template system is very consistent with the email template field naming conventions. In addition to the ability to assemble data fields, the application also supports inserting lists and conditionally generating output content blocks.

Calendars and Scheduling

  • You may now view the Matter Calendar (and Gantt) using filters from your Matter list views. This allows for a great deal of flexibility and control over the content of the Calendar and Gantt.
  • Organizations may now disable Tasks, Events or Time records from being presented in the Matter Calendar. For instance, when an activity type is turned off (in this new global option) the activity type will not be shown as an available option in the Matter Calendar. This can be helpful by reducing screen options for organizations that do not track Time from the Calendar. This option is found in AdvoLogix Setup on the Matter Planner options tab.

Billing and Timekeeping

  • The Billing Preview has a new option to show billing information for My Matters only. When selected, only Matters meeting the criteria of your organization’s My Matters settings will be displayed in your preview.
  • The Billing Preview now has an option to use Matter list view filters to limit the scope of information. This allows the preview to be filtered by virtually any combination of Matter fields.
  • The field used for Time Description can now be customized to allow for larger descriptions. This new feature allows your organization to choose an alternate text field to use for Time entry. Among other things, this creates an avenue for your firm to bypass the 255 character limit of the default Time Description field. This option is found in AdvoLogix Setup on the Settings tab.


  • The Salesforce1 mobile AdvoLogix Timer now has the ability to display custom Time fields.
  • The Salesforce1 mobile AdvoLogix Timer now has the ability to hide the Rate fields.

Lightning Experience

  • Salesforce Community Templates require support for the Lightning Experience user interface. AdvoLogix now supports the Lightning Experience within the context of community templates. Our support for the Lightning Experience should be considered beta as Salesforce.com continues to evolve the platform.