My Matters

Introducing the My Matters component. My Matters is a list of Matters related to the current logged in user. The underlying relationship is determined by being a member of the Matter Participants list or by the Matter’s record ownership.
My Matters can be accessed in several ways:

  • As a home page component
  • From the AdvoLogix sidebar Quick Menu
  • As a tab
  • From the applications section of Salesforce1


Matter Search

Introducing the Search this Matter feature. This feature searches throughout all data related to the current Matter, including custom objects. Search results will display every field within each record where the target text was found. By default all related Matter objects will be searched however searches may be optionally restricted to search within specific related objects.


Matter Calendar Enhancements

  • Introducing the Matter Calendar List View feature. When activated, this feature displays 1 through 7 days (optionally skipping weekends) in a vertical format. This display mode is very useful when viewing an extremely busy Matter Calendar. For instance when viewing firm-wide scheduling. (shown above)
  • The new Day Zoom feature allows a single date in the calendar to be quickly viewed by clicking on the date of a specific day in the Matter Calendar.
  • A new automatic mobile phone view now displays the Matter Calendar in single day view from within the Salesforce1 mobile app. Tablet devices will still default to monthly view but may also be switched to list view on-demand, either by clicking on the a date to Day Zoom or by using the new List View feature.


Action Plan Enhancements

  • The Action Plan Template now allows selection of a Date Field from the Matter record to be the default Start Date of newly applied Action Plans.
  • Action Plan Activities now allow the choice of a User Field from the Matter to be assigned at runtime as the “Assigned To” field for the newly created activity.
  • Dependent Activities are now created when the Action Plan is applied to a Matter. When the due date of the parent Activity is changed, any dependent activity due dates are also adjusted in the same way. Previously, dependent activities were not created until the parent was completed.
  • When viewing an Action Plan that has been applied to a Matter, the Activity Subject is now hyperlinked so that it will open the underlying Activity when selected.
  • Action Plans can now be applied to a specific Matter by using an Apex function call with the following format. Please review the online help for the calling convention for this method.
  • We’ve added several visual and informational usability enhancements.

Other Enhancements

  • When adding existing rates to a Matter there is a new option to check all rates and the Default column has been added to the list items for quickly marking a default rate. (shown above)
  • The export templates now export Date and DateTime fields according to the ISO standard format.
  • The requirement for a TimeKeeper to be an existing User or an existing Contact has been removed. A TimeKeeper can now simply exist simply as a TimeKeeper without other validation.
  • Time can now be tracked when creating Content similar in manner to the way Time can be added from an Activity.