Action Plans

  • Added a new Gantt view on the Action Plan detail. The Gantt view displays a chronological chart of the activities unique to the selected Action Plan. This view makes it extremely convenient to visualize the Action Plan in a graphical timeline.
  • Action Plan activities now sort chronologically in the order they will/are occurring. Previously activity elements were sorting in the order in which they were added.


Matter Timeline (new)

The AdvoLogix Matter Timeline has been redesigned and improved in the following ways:

  • We have enhanced the data displayed in the Timeline to include more information about the underlying data.
  • The Timeline display can now be controlled interactively for each user.
  • We have added the ability to individually control the display of Email and Phone Calls.
  • The new Timeline no longer consumes data and is now rendered in realtime. This reduces overhead in many ways including a reduction in data storage requirements.


Billing Preview

The Billing Preview is designed to work in conjunction with or without our new Accounting integrations. Firms using AdvoLogix will find this new component useful for obtaiing an immediate perspective on Time and Expenses releative to a each Account, Matter and the entire organization.

The initial release of the Billing Preview provides the following functionality:

  • Subtotals at the Time, Expense, Matter & Account Level.
  • Summary view by Accounts or by Matters by using the collapsable headings to hide details.
  • Multiple filters including Start Date, End Date, Account, Matter and Time Keeper.
  • Hyperlink single-click access to Time, Expense, Timekeeper, Matter and Account records.
  • Printable View creates an Excel spreadsheet.


Matter Calendar

  • The Reminder fields have been added the Matter Calendar’s custom Task & Event layouts.
  • Added a Delete button to the Matter Calendar’s custom Task & Event layouts.


Other Improvements

  • The My Matters component now saves the sort order in a persistent user-based Custom Setting for both desktop and mobile user experiences.
  • The external facing New Client Intake form has an updated look & feel.
  • There is a new application logo reflecting our new business identity.
  • We have removed the Star Date/Time and End DateTime fields from the Time edit page. Please note these fields can be added back by using the Time object’s field set.
  • All version 13.9.x interim releases from November and December 2014.