Accounting Seed Integration

As previously announced, AdvoLogix February 2015 (version 1.43) was primarily dedicated to supporting our new Accounting Seed integration. AdvoLogix and Accounting Seed can now seamlessly work together (within your organization) to create a “best of breed” solution. There is no need to synchronize across different platforms because all data is centrally managed within the same ecosystem.

Read the Accounting Seed Integration announcement.

New Fields on the Time Object

To facilitate the batch billing process of accounting integration we have added two new fields to the Time & Expense objects.

  • Disposition: Used to determine the disposition of the record during batch processing.
  • Status: When using the accounting integration, this field should be read-only and updated by the integration.

Billing Preview Enhancements

  • Added Edit link for the Time and Expense rows to allow direct edit instead of view then edit.
  • Added filter options for Status and Disposition.
  • Records with a Disposition of Do Not Bill will have an extended total Amount of $0.

Other Enhancements

  • Made available a custom Visualforce page with instructions for adding Box integration to an AdvoLogix Matter.
  • Improved the rate defaulting behavior when using Timekeeper specific Matter rates.
  • Modified the customer portal VF pages to also be used in Communities.