The AdvoLogix March 2015 release features a major reorganization of the AdvoLogix Setup tab, a new Matter Gantt planning environment, enhancements to the Timeline component along with several other improvements to the application. The following is a summary taken from the release notes found in the online manual.

AdvoLogix Setup

The AdvoLogix setup area has a new layout with additional functionality and re-organization. New functionality allows users to search the help in just one click, read the latest news from the AdvoLogix web site and monitor for application updates.


  • Added the ability to define which dates on the Matter object should be regarded as Key Dates. This feature allows your organization to control which Matter Dates are displayed on the Matter Calendar and the Matter Gantt. Key Dates are established in AdvoLogix Setup.
  • The Matter Search feature can now be called to search specific object(s). An example use case would be to create a Matter button or link that only searched Notes.

Matter Timeline Component

  • Added the ability to add Custom Objects to the AdvoLogix Matter Timeline. A new setup area allows sites to include their own custom objects in the Matter Timeline.
  • Added the ability to globally control several aspects of the Matter Timeline Component. Organizations can now control which elements are available in the user’s Timeline view. Previously, view-able objects were pre-selected and end-users could enable or disable at a user level.

Matter Gantt

  • Enhanced the Matter Gantt with the capability to display information for multiple Matters. Previously, the Matter Gantt was only available within the context of a single Matter. Filters allow the view to be restricted to a specific Date Range and optionally choose a specific Time Keeper.
  • Added navigation options to the Matter Gantt views allowing the user to navigate to the Next/Previous and Home pages.
  • Matter Key Dates can now be modified in the Gantt views by dragging and dropping to the new date.

Action Plans

  • Added a new field to the Activity object that provides a link to the underlying Action Plan when the Activity is part of an Action Plan. Feel free to add this field to your page layouts or reports.
  • Added the ability to create a new AdvoLogix Action Plan from the Lightning Process Builder. This functionality allows the ability to use an Action Plan as the resulting action of a point and click business automation process.

Other Improvements

  • Updated several AdvoLogix home page components for ( Summer 2015 compatibility.
  • Added a new global option to enable rounding (hours) when adding new Time.
  • The Related Email viewing component now saves & restores the default sort order.
  • Action Plan Reminder Time defaults to 8:00am (instead of 12:00am).
  • Corrected an issue with default Time rates when adding Time from an Activity.