We are pleased to announce the availability of AdvoLogix 1.47. The following summary is taken from the AdvoLogix June 2015 release notes found in the online manual.


• Added a new Matter Hierarchy view that displays the Matter’s position in the parent/child hierarchy. If your organization uses parent/Child Matters this will be a valuable tool.

• Added a new feature for quickly exporting Matters based on custom export templates.

• Matter Participants can now be moved between Matters by changing the Matter lookup on the Participant.

• A new global option allows Group Events to be displayed as a single Event in the Matter Calendar and the Matter Gantt.

Matter Timeline 

A new Timeline viewing option displays Timeline data chronologically on a linear time chart. This view quickly displays an overview of the entire case history. There are two ways to implement the new Timeline chart.

  1. The existing Matter Timeline section now has two viewing modes, List and Chart. Use the menu options to select between these two display modes.
  2. A new TimelineChartView section is available to add to Matter page layouts the new Timeline chart section will only show the chart. This is extremely effective when displayed at the top of the Matter detail (as illustrated above).

Action Plans

• Several modest enhancements to the user interface for improved usability.

• Added the ability to assign a value to the Type field for Events.

• The Action Plan chapter in our documentation has been rewritten to incorporate examples and detailed explanations for various features of the Action Plan implementation.

Other Improvements
• The Expense list view now supports the Mass Edit feature, consistent with the Time list (and other lists).

• In Salesforce1 mobile, added the ability to add a new Time record from the Time tab.