We are pleased to announce the availability of AdvoLogix 1.48. The following summary is taken from the AdvoLogix August 2015 release notes found in the application guide.


  • A new Worldox integration is now available. Worldox can be related to any AdvoLogix object. The most common implementations allow Worldox to be launched from the context of a Matter (and/or Account/Client). Worldox links can be added to AdvoLogix as a button or a hyperlink placed on the detail page layout or by a hyperlink in the list view or on a report. Follow this link for the press release.
  • The AdvoLogix Accounting Seed integration has been enhanced to allow custom field mapping between AdvoLogix and Accounting Seed. In addition to the customizable default field mapping, new field mappings can be added for your organization’s custom field requirements.

New Notes (Beta) Feature

  • AdvoLogix now supports the new Salesforce Notes (Beta) feature. In addition to the native ability to save Notes directly to a Matter, AdvoLogix now includes support in the Matter Timeline and Matter Search features. Legacy Notes remain supported which means we include support for both formats (legacy and the new).

Matter Calendar and Matter Gantt

  • A new Global Option allows Tasks with the designation of “Email” to be hidden in the Matter Calendar and Matter Gantt visualizations.
  • A new User Option allows users to interactively hide (or show) completed Tasks. This feature allows for quickly visualizing completed Tasks.

Action Plans

  • New visualizations quickly illustrate dependencies on the Action Plan graphical timeline. Days Before dependencies rise from the top, Days After dependencies, submerge from below. as illustrated above
  • A new API call allows an existing Action Plan to be deleted via code (and/or automation). For more details please see this article and example implementation of this feature.

Batch Time Entry

  • When default rates have been enabled Time entries created with the Batch Time application will automatically populate the default rate.