We are pleased to announce the availability of AdvoLogix 1.49. The following summary is taken from the AdvoLogix October 2015 release notes found in the application guide.


  • The Matter Hierarchy view has been enhanced by including Cross Reference Matters. Parent and Child Cross References will be displayed in the top section illustrating their position in the Matter genealogy.

  • A new global option allows more discretion when identifying what constitutes My Matters. The option allows each firm to designate My Matters as 1) Matters to which they Own 2) are a Participant In 3) or either.

  • The My Matters custom tab now provides the ability to use the same views as the Matter List view. This allows control over the list’s column layout and adds the ability to further filter the list of Matters.

Billing Preview

  • Added the ability to perform Mass Edit for Time or Expenses from the Billing Preview.

  • Billing Preview picklist values are no longer hard-coded. The default values are required by the Accounting Seed integration. Otherwise you may use your own values here. It is advised to name the Time and Expense options the same.

Multiple Currency
(when multiple currencies have been enabled within an organization)

  • New Time entries will now default the currency selector. The currency is defaulted based on specific conditions. Please see application guide for more details.
  • Time and Budget aggregation at the Matter level now performs rate conversions if the underlying record’s currency is different from that of the Matter. Conversion is performed using the current conversation rates.

  • The Billing Preview is now capable of handling specific multiple currency scenarios.

  • A new application guide article is now available on the topic of Multiple Currency considerations.