We are pleased to announce the availability of the AdvoLogix Winter 2017 release. The following summary is taken from the release notes found in the application guide.

Matter Management

  • Assignment Rules
    Assignment Rules automate and simplify the process of assigning new Matters (or other record types) to those members of your team with specific ownership responsibilities. Rules are grouped into Rule Sets and managed as a collection of mutually exclusive assignment criteria.

    Assignment Rule Sets may be automatically evaluated when a Matter is changed or added. In addition, these rules may optionally be evaluated on-demand (by an end user) while in context with a Matter. When the assignment changes a Matter assignee, you may choose to automatically notify the user using one of your organization’s existing email templates.

    A typical use case for an Assignment Rule Set would allow an organization to easily automate the business process stages to match their Matter workflow. As changes occur, progress flags and ownership responsibility can be automatically assessed and moved to the next phase.

  • Participants
    A new inline Participant panel may be added to your Matter page layouts. This new panel offers interactive filtering capabilities, allowing users to easily visualize Participants based on the Participant Type (Account, Contact, User) and/or the Participant’s Role (Witness, Attorney, etc). The new panel also allows users to quickly jump to the Participation Map representing the current Matter.
  • Budgets
    A new inline Budget panel may be added to your Matter page layouts. This panel provides a quick assessment of your Fee and Expense based Matter Budgets. Within this panel, Budget Fees and Expenses (costs) are compared to the actual fees and expenses your Timekeepers have been tracking. Budget details are analyzed by phase (Budget Dates) and accumulated for each Budget Summary (Activity and Cost Code). Actual values are itemized by Timekeeper.
  • Timeline
    The Matter Timeline chart is now scrollable. Previously, the entire Timeline data set was displayed on the Timeline, making it difficult to accurately view Timeline activity for Matters with long histories. Users may now use back and forward scroll navigation to traverse backward and forward in time.


AdvoDoc Document Assembly

AdvoDoc has the ability to insert related lists of information within your automated document. There are two new related list formatting options:

  • A new option allows the list to be repeated in a stacked column format, one column on each row.
  • A new option allows the list headers to be hidden.


Billing and Timekeeping

  • Weekly Timesheet
    A new weekly timesheet view is available for reviewing and entering Time for a given Timekeeper and work week. Daily and weekly totals make it convenient for Timekeepers to quickly understand and manage their weekly productivity from a single workspace.
  • Billing Preview
    The Billing Preview has a new metric dashboard capable of being interactively docked next to the preview detail. The dashboard provides metrics including Totals by Account, Totals by Matter, Totals by Timekeeper and Hours by Timekeeper.
  • Batch Time Entry
    Two new features in the Batch Time entry application enhance the customization and user experience:

    1. You may now add your own custom fields to the Batch Time Entry page.
    2. Total batch hours are now displayed at the top of the Batch Time Entry page.



  • A new Global Action allows your mobile users to quickly create a new Time record from anywhere in Salesforce1. This action will also be available in the new Lightning Experience Global Actions.


Lightning Experience Pilot

  • AdvoLogix is Lightning Experience compatible however, we are not currently supporting this experience for general adoption. The user interface and core capabilities of AdvoLogix are lightning ready. Our roadmap for the Lightning Experience includes more than a simple port of existing functionality.

    In fact, we’ve been hard at work creating net new functionality. For example, we’ve completed a new Timeline Lightning Component which incorporates a new Lightning style for visualizing the Matter Timeline. We’ve also developed a new My Matters Lightning Component. When My Matters and the Timeline are docked on the same Lightning Page, the Timeline will dynamically refresh when a different Matter is selected (in the My Matters list). These components are in this release and available for experimentation as pilot features. The two can be found on the new My Matters Lightning App, available when using the Lighting Experience.