The matter feed is a continuously running dialog of comments AdvoLogix users may post regarding a specific matter. Located at the top of the matter page layout, the Matter Feed centralizes business collaboration, in context with matter management; as shown here

Notice the series of links along the top of the feed. These links are referred to as Publisher Actions and can be customize for each page layout. This article  focuses on the matter page layout however any layout that supports Chatter feeds can be customized.



Customizing the Publisher Actions for the Matter Layout

There are a few ways to edit the matter page layout. The simplest method is to click the Edit Layout link from the matter layout itself. You’ll find this link in the upper right corner of the page, next to the help icon.

The matter layout contains a section called Publisher Actions. To may add an action to this area by

  1. Select Actions from the list of available options on the left side of the layout tool palette.  This displays a set of available actions buttons that can now be added to your matter feed.
  2. Locate the desired action and drag the action button from the tool palette into the Publisher Actions section of the page layout.
  3. Save the layout – you’re done.  Your feed options will now resemble the image below.