Over the past few weeks on our blog, we’ve been bringing you through the journey of researching and evaluating legal case management platforms to help your firm or legal department modernize and improve productivity. This week, we’ll start talking about making your purchasing decisions — and executing on the vision of outstanding legal case management.

Choosing the appropriate software technology is the key to successfully launching new case management platforms. Most law firms and legal departments will benefit by combining the tenets of case management with the efficiencies of project management. Decisions should go beyond the core requirements of case management software. Those needs are easily met by most vendors in the marketplace. Extend the technology evaluation to include flexible project management capabilities which afford knowledge workers an opportunity to utilize their talents. Finally, solutions should have the capacity to extend from within while also integrating with other applications.

Organizations should strategically select software based on how well it meets the need of their unique business model. Applications will be selected based on how well they fit specific functional requirements (instead of using an “all-in-one” application). The goal of fragmenting functional requirements into new best of breed applications is to create natural productivity enhancements by using software specifically attuned to staff’s functional responsibilities.

Execution of the vision can be done incrementally or all at once. Stay focused on core requirements, get those implemented first. Make initial adjustments sooner, rather than later. Settle into a comfortable groove and continue to evaluate new and improved integration capabilities. Loosely coupling the technologies will allow organizations to plug and play applications with great ease.

Next week, we’ll talk about what we mean by staying “loosely coupled” but “tightly integrated”. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about legal case management, we invite you to download our Buyer’s Guide for Legal Case Management here. http://www.advologix.com/law-firm-buyers-guide-request/