Advologix Builds a Portfolio of
Knowledge Around Each Matter
Business Accounts
Contacts &
Activity & Time
Meetings, Dockets,
& Important Dates
Best in Class Cloud Platform with
Integrated Workflow Management
Send Individual
& Mass Email
Archive Incoming
& Outgoing Email
Document Management
& Automation
Broad Support for Mobility and
Best in Class Enterprise Collaboration

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The AdvoLogix Platform

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Matter Centric

AdvoLogix assembles and manages a portfolio of knowledge around each matter. All relevant information is saved with the matter. This provides a centralized workspace for information and communications relevant to each matter.

  • Multiple practice types & areas
  • Matter action plans & critical dates
  • Legal hold enforcement
  • Matter budgets & planning

Businesses Relationships

Stakeholders and business participants are centrally integrated throughout AdvoLogix. Our relationship management tools allow you to maintain visibility into your relationships. Log a call, send an email, schedule a meeting, stay connected from the office or on the road.

  • Define Matter Participant Relationships
  • Manage Clients and Prospects
  • Communicate Through Integrated Mass Email
  • Synchronize with Outlook Contacts



Documents & Content

Our built-in document management relates documents to matters, accounts, contacts or discussion threads. Take document management to the next level by integrating with dedicated DMS such as NetDocuments, Box, SpringCM and more.

  • Open and Save from Word
  • Preview Documents in the Browser
  • Maintain Multiple Versions
  • Get Notified When a Document Changes

Activities & Key Dates

A wide variety of personal and group calendaring functionality allows your team to stay on top of critical dates. Group scheduling and meeting invitations are a snap. Track time or events from your mobile device as if you were at your desktop.
  • Action Plans and Workflow
  • Enterprise Calendaring
  • Outlook & Google Integration
  • Time Tracking

Enterprise Collaboration

Collaborate on matters, clients, parties, documents or topical discussions. Improve workflow processes, quickly share new ideas, review a document, the list goes on. Optionally enable our Client Portal to more effectively collaborate with outside parties.

  • Discuss Matters in Context
  • Invite Customers to Participate
  • Globally Search Your History
  • Real-time Notifications of Data Changes



Enterprise mobility allows your team to stay on top of their workflow at all times. Examples of the many ways to use our free mobile app:

  • Collaborate in real-time
  • Check the status of a matter
  • Create a new time entry
  • Upload an image or document


Reports & Dashboards

Spot trends and make informed business decisions. Choose from the built-in reports or quickly create your own custom reports and dashboards.
  • Export Reports to Excel
  • Schedule for Delivery
  • Easily Create Matrices & Charts
  • Use Complex Formulas


Workflow in the Cloud

Automate information flow throughout the business process. Turn your unique workflow into your own recipe for success.
  • Visual Flow Designer
  • Workflows & Approvals
  • Triggers & Formulas
  • Integrated Notifications


Security & Reliability

Our partner is an industry leader and specialist in securing on-demand enterprise services delivery.
  • Physical security
  • Network security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Third party assessments


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