Historically, when law firms and corporate legal departments considered new client or matter intake, they focused on the particular function of the information gathering process as opposed to the entire life cycle an engagement follows. Today, that focus seems shortsighted, given the availability of holistic platforms that can not only automate intake, but also “talk to” other key business platforms to share information and automate many business processes. This integration of key business systems creates unprecedented speed and accuracy for many business functions, including marketing, time and billing, matter management, document creation, communications, accounting, contract management and more.

AdvoLogix not only provides law firms and corporate legal departments with cloud-based matter management, but also uniquely supports the requirements of the intake process. Our intellectual property integrated with the platform automation tools offers a holistic approach to solving key pain points as they relate to new client or matter intake.

  • The AdvoLogix Matter Entry Form is capable of customization and adaptation for multiple practice areas. Our specialized New Business Intake Form can be uniquely customized and extended for a variety of initial information gathering requirements.
  • Action Plans automatically create a group of semi-related tasks or events and can be designed to support various phases of the intake process. Action Plans can be automatically generated within every stage, and the automation can be triggered by virtually any logical condition.
  • AdvoDoc can be used to generate documents at any stage of the intake process. Like Action Plans, these documents can be automatically generated based on virtually any logical condition.
  • Assignment Rule Sets can be used to facilitate the arduous process of selecting the appropriate team members during the final stage of the intake process.
  • The Matter Hierarchy and Participation Maps are excellent resources for evaluating relationships among prior work and with entities an organization has a pre-existing relationship with.
  • The visual Process Builder allows organizations to easily tailor scheduling, communication and other business automation processes to suite their specific needs.
  • Multiple API capabilities provide secure programmatic data access and customizable user experiences to solve virtually any business problem. Additionally, AdvoLogix can be loosely coupled or tightly integrated with a wide variety of pre-existing (in-platform) applications.

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