What does the Box Salesforce integration provide for an AdvoLogix user?

  • Store, access and share Box files within the context of a related Matter.
  • Perform Matter collaboration and keep teams in sync with content that has been shared, previewed or downloaded by your collaborators.
  • Enable content to be accessed, approved and updated from any mobile device using Salesforce1.
  • Box is available as a tab inside of Salesforce. At this global level, your firm can store contract templates or any generic non Matter related collateral.


How do I implement the Box Matter integration?

Use the following procedure to create a Matter viewing area for you Box content.

  1. Go to Setup | Develop | Pages
  2. Create a new Visuaforce Page, name it MatterBoxSection.
  3. Copy the code found here that creates a Visual Force page and paste it in this new page.
  4. Save the page.


How do I add the Box viewing area to my Matter Page Layout?

The Box viewing area can be added or removed from any Matter page layout by using the following steps. To add the component to your Matter layout using the layout editor:

  1. Select Visualforce Pages from the list of item types that can be added to the layout.
  2. Drag the BoxMatterSection selection onto the desired area of your page layout.
  3. For best viewing experience, adjust the height to 600 pixels.

NOTE: To remove the component from a page layout simply reverse these steps.