Project Description

8×8 Virtual Office cloud-based business phone service seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to enhance user productivity. Dial your salesforce contacts with a click of your mouse. Screen pops display your salesforce contact record for incoming calls.

  • Click on a contact to automatically dial them right from Salesforce

  • Your Salesforce contact record pops up automatically when a call comes in from one of your contacts

  • Improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction

The 8×8 Virtual Office Interface for Salesforce is downloadable software for 8×8 Virtual Office customers. This interface enables users to seamlessly place calls to their contacts directly from Salesforce by clicking on their contact’s phone number. The 8×8 Virtual Office Interface for Salesforce also allows users to see who is calling them by automatically popping up the contact’s display screen in Salesforce if the caller is a contact. If the contact is not found in the Salesforce database, a Caller ID dialog box pops up to display the phone number of the incoming call. Integration is FREE with 8×8 Virtual Office

Serve your clients better and work more efficiently when you download the free Salesforce integration app for your 8×8 Virtual Office business phone system.
• Save time and eliminate misdials: Make calls directly from, just click the phone number of a Salesforce contact and it dials automatically
• Know who’s calling: Displays your Salesforce contact record for incoming calls and pops it up on your screen
• Improve your record keeping: Summarize your call outcome by adding comments and call disposition information

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