Project Description

CloudFactor gives Gmail-users the utility belt of data and process they need to complete end-to-end tasks without leaving Gmail.

Product Highlights:
*CloudFactor delivers the right information, in the right place, at the right time by putting Salesforce content directly in the context of the work you do in Gmail and Google Calendar.

*Users maintain focus on completing their work in Gmail and have information to do it more effectively. They are more customer-aware, they save time, and are more productive.

*Users keep transactions up to date, save Emails, log Calls, create Follow-up Tasks, and Contacts and Leads based on their customer interactions all without leaving Gmail.

*Users tap into internal knowledge with Chatter and have external social network awareness with Twitter.

*CloudFactor is a service you enable, not software your users install.

*The UI is configurable allowing you to cater it to your business requirements and unique Sales and Service processes.

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