Project Description

Easily create & deliver documents, presentations & reports in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML email & PDF forms from any standard/custom object. Generate proposals, account plans, invoices, quotes, contracts & more. NEW for 2014: Support for Google Drive!

  • Any Data from Any Object: Merge data from any standard or custom object using Salesforce reports or SOQL queries

  • Your Document, Your Format: Create fully customized output using Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML email and PDF forms

  • Flexible Delivery Options: Automatically deliver via email; download locally; store in Salesforce, Google Drive or SpringCM; or send for eSignature with DocuSign, EchoSign or Sertifi

Simplify document generation and delivery to eliminate errors, increase productivity and save money. Create personalized templates that produce consistent output every time. Easily scale solutions to produce 1,000s of documents per day without increasing staff resources.

Quickly launch from a button/link on any standard or custom object. Automatically log activities, create follow-up tasks and update fields. Even predefine options for a one-click solution.

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