Project Description

Increase productivity with list views where you can inline edit, inline create & mass delete related records on a single page. Create editable related lists in record detail pages. Display the exact data you need with multi-object filters.

  • INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY. Users no longer have to navigate to separate pages to manage related data in Salesforce.

  • IMPROVE DATA QUALITY. Having all information you need on one screen means you can manage your data with less errors and cross-reference data easier to make better editing decisions.

  • INCREASE USER ADOPTION. More efficient data management means users are more likely to use Salesforce instead of external applications to keep data up-to-date.

Managing related records in Salesforce takes too many clicks and page loads. Until now! With GridBuddy, you can manage your Salesforce data in powerful list views that display related data in a single-page editable report.

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