Project Description

✔ salesforce1 support
✔ Easy to setup
✔ Easy to use = 100% adoption
✔ PC & Mac Outlook integration, Exchange & Office 365 integration, Google Apps & GMail integration, Lotus Notes integration + more

  • Automate the logging of all “inbound” and “outbound” emails and attachments to Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Cases & Person accounts

  • Automate the creation of Contacts and Leads from your email stream

  • The only solution on the market that supports ALL email clients and servers. Voted best email productivity App on AppExchange

On day one of your Free Trial you will experience why thousands of Salesforce users rave about this “Must have App”. Why? Because it’s elegant, automated and effortless to use.

Emails & attachments are logged automatically to existing Contacts, Leads & Opportunities. Non-matching emails are saved in a “pending” bin (Emails Tab) for quick creation of new Contacts, Leads & Person Accounts. Pending emails are stored encrypted for maximum security. (All of these advanced features are critical for enterprise customers and unmatched by any other vendor)

Your email clients and servers will change over time. You ought to have a reliable partner that supports ALL email systems including PC & Mac Outlook, Exchange, Office 365, Lotus Notes, Google Apps, Gmail, iPad & iPhone, Android,, Entourage, Thunderbird, Eudora, Groupwise, Zimbra + more.

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