Project Description

Get a feature-rich cloud-based document management system to store, organize and share your documents and emails right from within the CRM. With record-level integration, you have anytime, anywhere access to your content, knowing it’s secure & compliant.

  • Create secured client or project-centric workspaces/datarooms/vaults and display within each Account, Opportunity, Contact, or Custom Object; Scalable to thousands of clients.

  • Documents are securely edited, viewed, emailed, notified, approved, discussed & actions logged.

  • Get the highest level of security and compliance – documents are protected & backed up in redundant, world-class data centers hosted by LexisNexis, ensuring business continuity.

NetDocuments is a cloud-based document and email management and collaboration service for organizations of all sizes. With the NetDocuments patented service simply turned on, businesses can immediately begin securely accessing, creating, storing, managing and sharing documents throughout the world and on any Internet-connected device. There are no upfront investments and an organization can be up and running literally in minutes. Enjoy powerful full-text searching capabilities and Microsoft Office integrations. Link documents and emails directly to Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities or any other object within NetDocuments is managed from two redundant world-class hosting data centers, and includes business continuity, automatic backups and redundancy.

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