Project Description

Treaty allows you and your colleagues to create and edit documents, collaboratively and without leaving Salesforce. Works with Word and other text documents, exports to Word, rich text, and PDF formats.

  • Share and collaborate on documents in realtime

  • Complete document history saved (access to history coming soon)

  • Export to Word, rich text, or PDF

Your team already uses Salesforce for many tasks, but when it comes to collaborating on documents, you’re still forced to go elsewhere. Perhaps you have a document management system that locks out everyone except the person who grabs the document first; perhaps you’re uploading internal documents to file sharing systems with limited security controls. Treaty lets you add realtime collaboration to your workflow, within the security of Salesforce. No waiting to make a tiny edit, no letting the document out into the wild.

With Treaty, your documents and team members stay where they’re supposed to be. Team members don’t need to leave Salesforce and open another application, costing valuable time as they login, find the document, and get oriented to a different environment. Documents opened in Treaty obey all the permissions from Salesforce, so there’s no need to worry about documents being accessed or edited by unauthorized parties.

All data travels over an encrypted connection, so your data is never compromised.

Works with any Word or text document uploaded to No need to use a separate storage location.

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