The Winter ’15 update from our platform provider provides the most noteworthy calendar management updates since the initial release of the Salesforce1 mobile platform. The Today view, Event list and Task management features have seen major enhancements in this update.

The New Today View

The Today view (shown above) has been significantly overhauled. In addition to mobile calendar events, users can also see important tasks and recently accessed Salesforce records. The Today view now shows your information in four areas; Current Event, Agenda, My Tasks, and My Recent Records.

  •  The Current Event Card displays the user’s current or next meeting. A current event is one that starts 15 minutes before and up to 15 minutes after the current time. If there are multiple meetings scheduled in this window, each one is displayed in a separate Current Event card. If there aren’t any events in the current time window, the Current Event card shows the next event scheduled for the day.
  • The Agenda Card evolves throughout the day to show upcoming events (or earlier events). Users can toggle the card to show all mobile calendar events scheduled for the day. The Later Today state shows all upcoming events for the day. Likewise the Earlier Today state shows all of the concluded events for the day.
  • My Tasks Card includes up to three of the user’s most important tasks that are due on the current day. Priority tasks show first, followed by other tasks.
  • My Recent Records Card gives users a quick way to access recently viewed records, which may be related to a user’s meetings for the current day.


The New Weekly Event View
Allows users to see an event list for a specific day—including previous days—instead of having to scroll through a single list of all events. And for Salesforce1 mobile browser app users, it’s now possible to create new events directly from the Events page.



New Task Features

In addition to these new views several enhancements for Tasks make working with Tasks significantly easier in a mobile environment. Some of these new features are:

  • Users no longer have to open a task and scroll through a page full of fields when updating a record. In a Task list, simply swipe left on a task and tap an option. Four new update actions—Edit Comment (description), Change Date, Change Status, and Change Priority make it easier for users to update tasks.
  • On task update actions, firms can now replace the regular date picker with a new due date selector that displays common due date choices; such as: Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, No Date, Choose.
  • Four new update actions are added to task page layouts. The update actions are: Edit Comment (edit the task description), Change Date (change the due date), Change Status, and Change Priority.