Several times a year our platform provider provides updates to the AdvoLogix platform. Our customers directly benefit from many of these updates. We have included a summary of several stand-out enhancements below. The Summer ’15 release notes can be read in detail here.

Update Reminder

The Summer 2015 release of the platform has new requirements for home page components. These changes directly impact AdvoLogix and AdvoLogixPM. The Quick Timer, Matter Calendar, Navigator and Portal Welcome components must be replaced with updated versions from the current respective release of AdvoLogix or AdvologixPM. Please see our email notification for more information.

Duplicate Management (new)

Use Duplicate Management to control whether and when users can create duplicate records in Salesforce; customize the logic that’s used to identify duplicates; and create reports on the duplicates that users save. Please note, Duplicate Management uses technology, but does not require a license.

Platform Encryption (new)

Encrypt sensitive, confidential, and private data at rest on the Salesforce1 Platform to help meet privacy policies, regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations for handling private data. Additional fees apply.

Notes Application (new/beta)

Introducing Notes, an enhanced version of the Salesforce note-taking tool that lets users take better notes faster.

  • Add bulleted lists, numbered lists, and text formatting to Notes.
  • Globally access and search Notes using the Files tab.
  • Create private, standalone Notes (not related to a specific record) from the Files tab.
  • Use the Salesforce1 Notes Application for extended functionality.

Salesforce1 Notes Application (new)

Use the new Salesfore1 Notes application to create notes by tapping the action bar, add bulleted and numbered lists to notes, relate notes to other records, create tasks and work with related tasks directly from notes, view and search notes by selecting Notes in the Salesforce1 navigation menu.

Salesforce1 Mobile Enhancements

  • The Salesforce1 for iOS app delivers all Salesforce1 push notifications to the Apple Watch, so a mobile user can see alerts and key updates simply by turning her wrist.
  • Salesforce1 lists all pending approval requests in one central place, making it easy for users to keep track of pending approvals and respond to requests while on the go.
  • When using the Salesforce1 mobile browser app on a tablet, it’s easier to work with the information displayed on object home pages and in listviews and search results. Users can scroll seamlessly through long lists of records instead of using navigation buttons to switch between multiple pages. And column headings remain at the top of the page when scrolling, so users can always identify the categories of data they’re looking at.
  • With a map now appearing in standard address fields, users can see account or contact locations directly on record detail pages. Tapping a map image opens the address in a map app, where users can see more details or get directions.
  • When a user taps a Salesforce URL hyperlink, or enters a Salesforce URL into a browser address bar on a mobile device, she’s taken directly to that page in Salesforce1. This saves users from having to manually navigate to desired information in the app. For example, a user can email a Salesforce URL for an account to some coworkers. Simply by tapping the link in the email, a coworker using a Salesforce1 downloadable app can automatically open the account record in the app. An administrator or developer can customize a URL scheme to perform a specific action when Salesforce1 launches.
  • For all of the Salesforce1 apps, you can customize the selection and order of quick actions, productivity actions, and standard and custom buttons, in the action bar and for list item actions, on an object-by-object basis.

Chatter Enhancements

  • Chatter Feeds now allow users to edit posts and comments.
  • Chatter groups provide increased security for unlisted groups, more control over which custom object records are allowed in groups, the ability to share more information, and a few formatting improvements to group emails.
  • Join the unified user digest beta to get an improved, more mobile-friendly email digest.
  • An updated Salesforce Chatter Dashboards package will be available on the AppExchange shortly after the Summer ’15 release

Salesforce Files Enhancements

  • Share Chatter files and external files with a library.
  • Share private content files (previously known as personal content files) in Chatter.
  • All your files from content libraries, including private files, can be synced in Chatter.
  • When you sync a file in Chatter, now you can sync it to a folder.
  • The Managed Version feature of Salesforce Files Sync is now in beta. This feature allows IT Administrators to deploy the Salesforce Files Sync desktop client at scale.
  • When you share a file with groups in Chatter, now you can @mention people and groups in your message.
  • Now sync up to 10,000 files from your computer to Salesforce!
  • Personal Files and Personal Library have been renamed to Private Files and Private Library. The tab in content libraries that was named Personal Files is now Private Files. On the Files tab in Chatter, Personal Library is renamed to Private Library.
  • Content deliveries that are set to require a password have an improved experience for recipients who are accessing the content.

Files Connect

  • Access and share content from Google Drive. Fully integrate external content by including it in Salesforce searches.
  • Users can now directly search external content from sources like Google Drive and SharePoint.
  • Add any custom fields from the External Data Source and display them in unique search layouts.
  • You can link fields in external objects to standard and custom objects, integrating external data into related lists and other areas throughout Salesforce.

Process Builder 

Process Builder is a workflow tool that helps you easily automate everything from daily tasks, like follow-up emails, to more complex processes, like new client onboarding. In just a few clicks you can automate business processes and help your organization operate more efficiently. Some of the new features for Summer 2015 are:

  • Use newly supported functions to compare and return values in the Process Builder.
  • When your process updates fields, you can now use formulas and date functions as the value.
  • Use system variables in formulas to easily reference information in your organization.
  • Previously, multi-select picklists were supported only when creating and updating records. Now you can also use multi-select picklists in process criteria, formulas, and quick actions.
  • When you update records in your process, you can now filter the records you’re updating using conditions.
  • Improved Process Builder user interface makes it easier to manage versions, find and reference fields, create Chatter messages and more.

Visual Flow

  • You can now create flow variables to represent picklist values.
  • You can now create flow variables to represent multi-select picklist values.
  • Visual Workflow now supports a subset of Salesforce global variables. Reference a global variable to access information about your organization or the user who’s running flow without using a query.

Other Enhancements

  • The Exchange synchronization process now supports and synchronizes all-day events.
  • You can now track the geographic location of the IP addresses of user logins from the Login History or Session Management pages.
  • You can now create lookup filters with distance criteria for location and address data types with the Metadata API. To improve user productivity and data quality, use lookup filters to restrict the valid values and lookup dialog results for lookup, master-detail, and hierarchical relationship fields.
  • Choose from 59 new locales to determine the display formats for date and time, users’ names, addresses, and whether to use commas or periods in numbers.
  • Lightning Connect can now access data from endpoints that are backed by Socrata Open Data Portal™. Socrata Open Data Portal is commonly used for sharing health data and for collaboration between governments and their citizens.
  • Support for Microsoft® Internet Explorer® versions 7 and 8 is discontinued as of Summer ’15.
  • The Data Loader, an easy-to-use graphical tool that helps you import, export, update, and delete Salesforce data, is now available for Mac OS X.