Several times a year our platform provider provides updates to the AdvoLogix platform. Our customers directly benefit from many of these updates. We have included a summary of several stand-out enhancements below. The Winter ’15 release notes can be read in detail here.

It’s important to note there are many significant Salesforce1 mobile enhancements in Winter 15. These enhancements will come to fruition with a new version of the device application (version 7) scheduled for release in November 2014. We will post an augmented update to this blog upon the release of the new device application. In the meantime feel free to read what we had to say about the Calendar update in Winter 15 here.


Business Logic and Process Automation

  • Delegated approvers can approve or reject email approval requests by replying to those requests. This is especially useful for organizations with users who receive approval requests on mobile devices.
  • Users can now control notification emails for all of their task assignments. This new setting replaces the checkbox on the Create Task page that triggers an email to the assignee of the task.
  • Use the new Visual Flow Wait element to automate processes that require a time-based waiting period. For example, you can create a flow that activates a record, waits until one day after the record is activated, and then emails someone for follow-up.
  • Use the new Visual Flow Post to Chatter element, to post to the feed of a user, Chatter group, or record. These posts can include mentions and topics.
  • You can now configure a Visual Flow to submit a record for approval—without any code.


Chatter Enhancements

  • Chatter for SharePoint 2010 is now generally available. Chatter users can now access Chatter feeds (company and group feeds) from within SharePoint 2010. They can also post files directly from SharePoint to Chatter feeds as file references.
  • New group type, unlisted groups are similar to private groups. However, unlisted groups provide more privacy compared to private groups. Only members and users with the “Manage Unlisted Groups” permission can access unlisted groups in list views, feeds, and search results.
  • The new Chatter Questions action allows users to ask questions in their Chatter feed, in groups, and in records.
  • Users can now include attachments when emailing posts to groups in Chatter.
  • Clicking links in Chatter email notifications and digests on mobile devices launch the context-appropriate application, organization, and community.
  • Users with the “Manage Custom Report Types” permission can create a report type that reveals how topics are assigned.


Salesforce Files

  • After you set up Files Connect, your users can access files from external data sources like SharePoint (and Office 365), or share them via the Files tab and feed. This new feature also supports the ability to Share a reference that points to the external file stored outside Salesforce.
  • If you create an external object from an external data source like SharePoint, users can conveniently search its contents along with Salesforce data.
  • Run a new standard report from the Reports tab to learn which files users are sharing.
  • Improvements to the Sharing Settings menu make it easier for users to manage file sharing.
  • A file that is part of a content delivery can now be deleted.
  • New Content deliveries now show the most recent published version of the content file being delivered.


Security Enhancements

  • Now you can customize the session timeout and password requirements per profile, for finer control over the user experience than previous settings applied to the entire organization.
  • Customize and manage user authentication with login flows which allow administrators to build post-authentication processes. Use login flows to collect registration information from users, provide a terms of service acceptance form, prompt the user for a second factor of authentication and other customization.
  • Let users log in to a Salesforce organization using their LinkedIn or Twitter accounts.


The Salesforce for Outlook Enhancements

  • Let users select specific email attachments to add to AdvoLogix.
  • Control where your users sync their records by specifying common Outlook sync folders in Outlook configurations.
  • Now users can see the side panel from Outlook Tasks, and add their Outlook tasks to AdvoLogix records.


Other Enhancements

  • Norwegian is now a fully supported language, and Portuguese (Portugal) and Slovak are now end user languages.
  • The Rich Text Editor that’s available in most rich text area fields has a new look, better performance, bug fixes, improved styling for pasted data, improved handling for pasted images, and increased compatibility with newer browsers.