Several times a year our platform provider provides updates to the AdvoLogix platform. Our customers directly benefit from many of these updates. We have included a summary of several stand-out enhancements below. The Winter ’17 release notes can be read in detail here.


  • Synchronize appointments from Google Calendar™ to Salesforce (beta)
  • Customize Lightning for Outlook by designing email panes using the App Builder. Add components like accounts, contacts, or matters and include custom components that reflect your firm’s use case. You can also leverage components from the AppExchange. The capability exists to create multiple panes and assign them to different profiles giving users in unique roles a customized experience.
  • Run reports on Salesforce Connect external objects to get a seamless view of data across system boundaries. External objects are similar to custom objects with the exception they map to data stored outside your Salesforce org.
  • Setting up Files Connect for SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business has been simplified. You can now register your app in one step using the Windows Azure Management Console. You are no longer required to copy and paste snippets of XM.


  • Business processes may now be designed to invoke other processes (reusable processes). Build one invocable process, call it from multiple processes or from multiple action groups in the same process.


Mobile users can now…

  • Send SMS text messages, without needing to leave the mobile app.
  • Update record types for existing records. The new Change Record Type action is available from the action bar in all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app.
  • Post snapshots of charts to their Chatter feed and solicit feedback or action. Enhanced Charts must be enabled for your org.


  • Organizations may now consider using an U2F security key when challenged to verify their identity, including two-factor authentication and device activations.
  • With Lighting Login you may now use mobile-device authentication (in lieu of  a password verification). Logins using the notification on your mobile device, and authenticate with your fingerprint or PIN.


  • Your Community can now enable page tracking by adding your Google Analytics tracking ID in Community Builder.
  • Communities now support the ability to set page-specific access. You can restrict or open up access as per your unique business case.
  • You may now include access external data and content stored outside your Salesforce org from the Napili template community. For example, you can let your community users access:
    • Data that’s stored in another Salesforce org, SAP® NetWeaver Gateway, or IBM WebSphere® that your org accesses via Salesforce Connect
    • Content that’s stored in Google Drive or SharePoint that your org accesses via Files Connect
  • Communities may now include reports and dashboards from public folders.


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You can ensure your company takes full advantage of the Summer 16 platform release by keeping AdvoLogix up to date. Check your AdvoLogix Setup page for the installed and current versions of AdvoLogix.
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