Several times a year our platform provider provides updates to the AdvoLogix platform. Our customers directly benefit from many of these updates. We have included a summary of several stand-out enhancements below. The Summer ’16 release notes can be read in detail here.

Contact Management

  • Associate Contacts with Multiple Accounts:  users may now associate an individual contact with multiple accounts.  Two new related lists help track and manage account-contact relationships. On contact records, the Related Accounts related list includes the one directly related account and all the indirectly related accounts. On account records, the Related Contacts related list includes the direct and indirect contacts. Users can add and modify relationships from these related lists.

Email Enhancements


Chatter Collaboration Enhancements

  • Mute a Feed Item from Its Detail View: Users now have another way to stop noisy notifications in your email and hide irrelevant posts in your feed: mute a feed item from its detail view. A muted post no longer appears in your feed on the Home and Chatter tabs. You can restore the post and its notifications by applying the Muted filter and selecting Unmute from the post’s drop-down menu.

Salesforce Files Enhancements

  • Connect to Box from Salesforce: Let your users access, share, and search Box content right from Salesforce. Salesforce users can share Box files with other Salesforce users, Chatter groups, and records. Files Connect enforces the Box file-sharing rules, so users can choose to share a file only with specific people, with all people in the same Box domain, or to people outside the company. In all orgs where Files Connect Cloud is supported, Box is an available external data source by default.

Process Builder Enhancements

  • Processes Can Execute Actions on More Than One Criteria: Now you can choose what happens after your process executes each action group. Should the process stop, or should it continue evaluating the next criteria in the process? Executing multiple action groups in a single process makes it easy to manage all of your processes for a given object, in one process. Previously, when a record met your defined criteria, the process executed the associated action group and then stopped. Now you can specify when to stop or continue your process.

Mobile Application Enhancements

  • Salesforce1: Numerous user interface enhancements continue to make the AdvoLogix mobile application second to none.
  • Access and Share Box Files: Salesforce1 users can now seamlessly access and share files from Box (if Salesforce Files Connect is set up for your org).
  • News App: is a one-stop shop for news and other insights. The insights shown are based on recently viewed accounts, and on tasks and events for those accounts. Insights can also be related to accounts that are associated with users’ upcoming mobile calendar events.


Several improvements: to Identity Verification, Two-Factor Authentication and more. Follow this link for details.


  • Lighting for Outlook: The new name reflects growth of  email integration options: To make room for the expanded email integration lineup, the name of Salesforce App for Outlook has changed to Lightning for Outlook. The new name Lightning for Outlook also goes hand in hand with the new name for the sync component Lightning Sync, previously known as Exchange Sync.
  • Search for Salesforce Records in Microsoft Outlook:  Users can now search for specific Salesforce records directly in Outlook.


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