We are pleased to announce the availability of the AdvoLogix Spring 2016 release. The following summary is taken from the release notes found in the application guide.

Matter Management

  • The new At a Glance Matter dashboard is capable of displaying up to four charts per record type. This new component can be added to any Matter page layout. Analytics are delivered in real-time or optional snapshot mode. Charts in the dashboard are fully interactive with the ability to easily drill into the report data for further analysis or editing.
  • My Matters determines which Matters are associated with the current User. In addition to record ownership, My Matters can also be determined by the User’s relationship to the Matter, via Participants. New in this release, My Matters can now be enhanced by using a custom formula or any Matter check box field.
  • Matter related global settings now have a dedicated sidebar section in AdvoLogix Setup. You will find the new sidebar menu organization more intuitive and quicker to navigate.

Document Management

  • AdvoLogix now includes a new component for managing Matter related documents. Given the appropriate permissions, both Files and Content can be quickly accessed from a common user interface, in context with the Matter you’re working on. New files may be added by using drag and drop or your computer’s file selection dialog. (beta release)
  • Our Email viewing component has improved support for Ebsta formatted Email. The improvement is a result of automatically recognizing the subject line of a task created by Ebsta.


  • AdvoLogix now includes a new mobile Timer (shown above) for tracking and entering Time using your mobile device. The Timer is available as an option that can be added to your Salesforce1 navigation bar. (beta release)
  • A new Timekeeping API call is now available for retrieving the default Rate for a Timekeeper and/or Matter.
  • A new Timekeeping API call is now available to apply your organization’s rounding rules to a given unit of time.

Matter Timeline

  • Added the ability to show Salesforce Files (formerly Chatter Files) on the Matter Timeline. Previously the option to display Content, only displayed Library Content. With the new enhancement, Salesforce Files are also shown.
  • The Matter Timeline has two viewing modes, 1) the panel on the Matter layout and the 2) Full List view (invoked from the panel). The Full List view now supports more viewing characters (255) for all columns. Previously the display was limited to 80 characters.

Business Automation

  • A new AdvoLogix API feature allows an Action Plan’s Start Date to be modified from your custom Apex code. This allows the ability to potentially further automate a group of activities within an Action Plan.

Multiple Currency Support

  • A new default Rate type has been added to support default rates on a per Currency basis, for each Timekeeper. This option allows a default Rate to be assigned to each Timekeeper, for a given Currency.