Several times a year our platform provider provides updates to the AdvoLogix platform. Our customers directly benefit from many of these updates. We have included a summary of several stand-out enhancements below. The Spring 14 release notes can be read in detail here.


Using Topics to Organize Records
Enable topics for objects to allow users to add topics to records. Adding topics helps organize records and makes them easier to find. For existing organizations, topics aren’t enabled for any objects by default. Administrators must choose which objects to enable. Enabling topics for an object allows users to add topics to records of that object type.


Repeat Tasks on a Flexible Schedule
Use repeating tasks to make a task recur a specified number of days after a trigger that you choose: The next task in the series is created only when the current task is due or marked completed. Repeating tasks are a streamlined alternative to regularly recurring tasks when you don’t need to get a task done on a specific day. To enable repeating tasks, add the relevant fields to a page layout. For more information, see Customizing Page Layouts in the Salesforce help.


Salesforce Files Sync (Beta)
Salesforce Files Sync lets your users securely store, sync, and share files between Chatter, their desktops, and mobile devices. Access files and folders from anywhere, and keep them instantly updated across your organization.

Improved Previews for Microsoft PowerPoint® (.Pptx) Presentations
The technology that renders PowerPoint® file previews has been greatly improved. Previews of presentations now render with noticeably higher quality inside the browser.


Use Email to Post to Chatter Groups
Email your posts to Chatter groups you have access to. If your admin has enabled this feature, you can email your posts to any public group. You can email posts to a private group only if you’re a member. You must use the email address associated with your Salesforce user account.


Post Announcements in Chatter Groups
Post group announcements to highlight important messages on the group page.


Salesforce1 Mobile App Enhancements (highlights)

  • Several enhancements to mobile notifications.
  • Users can now include photos from their device in Chatter feeds.
  • Files can now be previewed in Chatter Feeds.
  • New Twitter integration with Accounts & Contacts.
  • Several Today Application enhancements
  • Search within a specific Chatter feed.
  • Embed report charts in record detail pages.

View and Manage User Sessions
Now you can easily view user sessions and, if necessary for security or other reasons, end sessions from the same page.


Reset Password Link Expires after 24 Hours
The link in an email response to a user requesting a password change expires in 24 hours, or after the link is used.