Several times a year our platform provider provides updates to the AdvoLogix platform. Our customers directly benefit from many of these updates. We have included a summary of several stand-out enhancements below. The Summer 14 release notes can be read in detail here.

Salesforce Notification Banner
In Summer ’14, the Salesforce Notification Banner will appear on all pages for accounts, contacts, and dashboards, and in the setup area for your organization. The Salesforce Banner is not customizable. However, your users can dismiss the banner from all pages by clicking “X”, or you can disable the banner for your entire organization. You can dismiss the banner from all pages for all users in the organization for the Summer ’14 release.

  1. From Setup, click Customize | User Interface.
  2. Deselect Enable Salesforce Notification Banner.
  3. Click Save.

Store, Sync, and Share with Salesforce Files Sync – Generally Availability
Salesforce Files Sync makes file management easier than ever. Users install a desktop client called Salesforce Files. They can then securely store, sync, and share files between Chatter, their desktops, and mobile devices.

View Records on Topic Detail Pages
See associated records like accounts and contacts in the context of a topic’s description, feed, and knowledgeable users. Topics provide a fast way to group records on common themes together, either via list views or—if Chatter is enabled—right on the new Records tab for topic detail pages. When viewing a specific record, you can navigate directly to this tab by clicking any topics listed below the record name.

Default Event Action Lets Users Create Events from Any Publisher
We’ve added New Event to the default actions on the global publisher layout. Now users can create events on the Home tab, the Chatter tab, and record detail pages, without administrator setup.

Use Additional Activities Fields to Run More Comprehensive Reports
Now you can include more details—such as related contacts and accounts, invitees, and task status—in custom reports. The new fields are available when you use the new ActivityRelationships object to define a relationship between users and activities.

Keep Favorite Report Folders In View
Now users can pin their most-used report and dashboard folders to the top of the folder list so they don’t have to scroll down every time.

Send Email from a Flow
You now have two options for sending email from a flow: call an existing workflow email alert or configure the email within the flow.

Salesforce1 Mobile Enhancements

  • Expanded the number of mobile browser/mobile device pairings in which the Salesforce1 mobile browser app is officially supported. If the Salesforce1 mobile browser app is enabled for your organization, users are automatically redirected to the mobile browser app when logging in to Salesforce from these environments:
  • The Salesforce1 app now supports any custom object that has a tab in the full Salesforce site.
  • Salesforce1 users can now see up to 200 of their list views for an object, not just their four most recently accessed lists.
  • Locate data in list views faster by controlling how information is sorted and displayed.
  • In the Salesforce1 mobile browser app, users can now view feed posts organized by topic.
  • Now users can access, share, and collaborate on their files in the Salesforce1 mobile browser app, as well as the Salesforce1 downloadable apps.
  • Users can now submit records for approval from the Salesforce1 app.
  • Users who use Salesforce events to track and log activities can now easily access their events from theSalesforce1 navigation menu (instead of having to tap through to activities related lists on different objects). Selecting Events displays the My Events list, which shows the user’s current and future Salesforce events.  With the exception of multiday events that haven’t concluded yet, past events aren’t available.
  • Today displays events that are scheduled on users’ mobile calendars. Now Today makes it fast and easy to log these events inSalesforce.
  • Quickly add new Contacts from the Today App. When viewing an event in Today, the Invitees list includes avatars so users can tell at a glance which of the meeting’s participants are already included in Salesforce as contacts, person accounts, or users, and which ones aren’t.  For any invitee showing the unmatched avatar, simply tap on the person’s name then tap Create Contact.
  • The conference call dialer in Today has been improved so it’s quicker and easier to join online meetings. It’s now completely automatic to join many Citrix® GoToMeeting® online meetings, and joining calls hosted by other conference providers, including WebEx®, InterCall®, and Microsoft® Lync®, is much simpler. The conference call dialer now functions the same way on Android and iOS devices.
  • Today now includes weather information.
  • Users can now drill right to a report from a dashboard. When viewing a dashboard in the Salesforce1 app, just tap a dashboard component to see the report that’s delivering the data to the dashboard.
  • Drill Down From a Report to a Record Tap a row in a report to see the specific record the report data is coming from.
  • All versions of the Salesforce1 app can now send notifications to users when they’re assigned to tasks. This notification type is available as an in-app notification for the mobile browser app and as both an in-app and push notification for the Android and iOS downloadable apps.
  • When push notifications are enabled for your organization, Salesforce1 downloadable app users can decide for themselves which push notification types they want to receive.
  • Salesforce1 downloadable app users can now view much of their Salesforce data when their mobile devices are offline. When offline access is enabled, data is downloaded to each user’s mobile device based on the objects in the Recent section of the Salesforce1 navigation menu, and on the user’s most recently viewed records. Data is encrypted and stored in a secure, persistent cache.