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Our company investigated 20 programs; Advologix met 15 of our 20 criteria (astonishing in today’s market). This program has it all; it is the Rolls Royce for keeping a legal team organized, efficient and effective. The program sits on top of SF, easy to design and modify, works on clicks not codes, the data is secured and is easily retrievable. Both Kelly Carson and Bill Pickard were wonderful to work with; they were patient (as a saint), listened to our concerns, and came up with excellent solutions. If you want to simplify your life and business needs, invest in Advologix!!
Suzanne Nardacci, Welcome to the next level.
Advologix is the best of class legal/CRM program that we have found. After trying out alternatives, we chose Advologix on the Salesforce platform for the ability to scale, customize, and that it was a cloud based alternative.
Christopher Berry, Best in Class
I researched the cloud based law office management, etc software for many months before we decided to move our firm from a server based system. For a small firm we found them to be exactly what we needed, and fully customizable! Service and team they have is amazing as well. Highly recommended!
I have yet to unlock the many additional bells and whistles this program has to offer. This program is light years ahead of the competition, most of which a tried before deciding on Advologix. Keep up the good work!
Advologix has provided us with a scalable and extensible platform that has grown with us from a few employees to well over 100 and provided the capability to develop and deploy custom product offerings.
Dave Osborne, Recommended
We have found Accounting Seed and AdvoLogix to be an excellent choice for law firms. Matter management with time and expense keeping is seamlessly integrated with accounting. The apps work together harmoniously on the Salesforce App Cloud.
Steve Savoie, Integrated Legal Matter Management and Accounting for Law Firms
As a boutique Legal Technology consulting firm specializing in law firms of 1-50 employees I can finally recommend a cloud based practice management solution to my clients and prospects. Advologix leverages the Salesforce ecosystem to provide needed core functionality out of the box but be extensible to grow with the business needs. Recent deployments I have done have freed my clients from the cycle of having to wait years for new functionality to be included in their previous thick client solutions. The fact that functionality like Time Keeping is available everywhere immediately on salesforce1 alone justifies the monthly cost in increased billed time capture. A solid, evolving and extensible product is exactly what I need to service my clients in the way they expect.
Peter Brannigan, Flexible and effective cloud solution for Law Firms of all sizes


Advologix combined with the power and flexibility of Salesforce has allowed me to gather more client data and automate more mundane processes than I could have imagined. It’s tight integration with Drawloop’s document assembly system gives me the ability to create complex documents containing any combination of objects and client information with just a few keystrokes. Advologix has saved countless hours of time and has captured even more hours of billable time that might otherwise have been lost. I have reviewed many other products and none provides the level of depth and flexibility with client data that Advologix provides.
Advologix has been very helpful. Great customizations specific for law firms.
Nicholas Bruno, Recommended
Every time I turn around, I find more functionality. I haven’t looked back and regretted the decision once. Scalable, customizable solution for even a small firm like ours. My only major issue is there is no true integration with our QB aside from manual export/import. Can’t wait!
Jeffry Baughman, Highly Recommend
Amazingly configurable and powerful. And our project manager Kelly was brilliant to work with. Highly recommended.
Jay Dorman, Recommended!
Out of the box the Advologix Legal Suite comes with all the core requirements for any legal firm. However, with the foresight of the Advologix team and the power of Force.com platform this application allows you to easily tailor and extend the suite to your firms specific needs.
Since starting my solo practice several years ago, I have used or tried several LPM applications, both desktop and cloud offerings. Advologix is by far the best. Out of the box, Advologix’ sensible structure and tight data integration allows firms small and large to manage matters, contacts, tasks, events, research and deadlines in seamless and transparent work flows. Best practices for different matter types can be developed and published for use throughout the firm, and workflow rules can be used to “automate” data management across records and embed internal controls to assure high quality in your practice.

For the practitioner or firm that can invest a little time, however, Advologix can be highly customized to the focus areas and work style of your practice. I have customized the matter and contact records and developed workflow rules that have significantly improved my ability to deliver high-quality legal services quickly and accurately to my clients. Advologix’ flexibility also has allowed me to refine my document templates to a much higher lever than any app I used previously.

As a bonus, the people at Advologix, in management as well as support, are superb AND accessible. I can’t imagine any app out there that delivers more value.

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