Once you’ve established the team that will work together to see the selection of new legal case management through to launch day, your next step is to define the business needs and priorities for your legal department or law firm. It is important to keep requirements high level and focused on business needs at this point.

Here are 10 questions to ask that will help you prioritize needs:

  1. Do you need workspace that is organized around matters?
  2. Do you want integration with time and billing (for law firms) or budgeting (for corporate legal departments)?
  3. Do you need document management features integrated into the case management platform?
  4. What security regulations, policies, guidelines and recommendations do you have to work with?
  5. What governance compliance, geographic/jurisdictional data regulations and privacy issues do you need to consider?
  6. Do your professionals have a need to access important case information wherever and whenever they want?
  7. Do you want your clients (for law firms) or outside counsel (for legal departments) to be able to access information and collaborate on the case using your case management platform?
  8. How will you budget for the expense of a new legal case management platform?
  9. How available does the new platform need to be?
  10. Do you want to integrate with other software to increase productivity?

Next week, we’ll discuss evaluating legal case management providers, including questions to ask each and features to look for from them. If you can’t wait until then, we invite you to download our new buyer’s guide:

Download the Law Firm Buyer’s Guide to Legal Case Management here.

Download the Corporate Legal Department Buyer’s Guide to Legal Case Management here.