Legal Matter and New Business Intake Article

Law firms and legal departments perpetually struggle with perfecting the process of accepting new business for the organization. The intake process starts with the initial customer interaction and ends with accepting or declining the new work. There are several tasks or checklists – involving multiple stakeholders – to complete during this process. Firms and corporate legal departments need a holistic approach that connects and manages each phase of the new business intake life cycle.

For law firms and corporate legal departments, the requirements are significantly different from the lead to opportunity model of most businesses. These organizations have strict guidelines and governance procedures that must be followed prior to accepting a new service engagement and then delivering services. This process is often confused with opportunity management. Law firms and legal departments differ from typical product and service-oriented business models, especially pertaining to ethical and governance requirements. For these reasons, off-the-shelf opportunity management products are inadequate. Law firms and corporate legal departments need a holistic platform that will not only automate new business intake, but also integrate with other key business platforms to increase productivity and provide better service to clients.

Over the next month, we will be blogging about a holistic approach to legal matter and new business intake processes. Our discussions will cover:

  • The three essentials of new business intake requirements
  • The five key elements to intake platforms
  • The six stages of the intake process
  • The holistic vision for new business intake

If you don’t want to wait for the entire blog series, you can download the complete article by clicking here.