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Why Implement Case Management at Law Firms?

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February 28, 2023

What does case management look like at your law firm today? If yours is like many we have spoken to over the last 10 years, you probably have a collection of disparate systems, each handling a different aspect of a case. Most firms have separate systems for intake, document management, document assembly, time collection, expense collection, billing, CRM, docketing and more. Sophisticated case management platforms, on the other hand, take a comprehensive, holistic approach to managing all case information. Having a single view of a case through a centralized case management system allows you to view every task related to a case in a single place – you can do everything from client intake to preparing documents to sending invoices on one platform, eliminating the inefficiencies and wasted time that result from constantly switching between different software and applications. Starting when you first open a new matter, you can integrate external sources of information directly into your case. Once the matter is qualified, a case management platform allows you to assign teams based on skill and workload, route assignments to the right people, manage tasks, create action plans, institute best practices and review integrated reporting and dashboards – all automatically. Accomplishing all these things in any sort of organized or integrated fashion is an uphill battle when you’re using a collection of disparate systems. The streamlined approach of a comprehensive case management system leaves more time to focus on innovation and client service. In next week’s blog, we will cover why good matter management is important to corporate legal departments. In the meantime, if you’d like to read our full articles on why corporate legal departments and law firms should consider cloud-based case and matter management, you can download them here: Why Corporate Legal Departments Want Cloud-Based Matter Management Why Law Firms Want Cloud-Based Case Management

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