Improve the Matter Intake Experience in Legal Departments to Evaluate Risk and Drive Business Process Improvement

Watch our webinar and be on your way to mitigated risk and improved efficiency.

Despite recent legal technology advances, the matter intake process in many legal departments continues to be highly inefficient. Matter intake information is gathered through a combination of emails, phone calls, forms and handwritten notes – rather than an integrated, streamlined process.

The lack of an organized workflow creates a greater likelihood of errors and in turn, increases risk.

In this webinar, AdvoLogix experts discuss how the intake process is ripe for innovation through advanced technology. We cover how more information and improved workflows can drive rapid business improvement and give decision-makers the tools they need to assess and reduce risk. We demonstrate how accurate and timely intake data can focus limited internal and expensive external resources on the highest-risk issues for your organization. Finally, we also offer advice on what to look for when department heads are ready to improve their intake processes.

You will come away with an understanding of:

  • Inefficiencies with current intake processes
  • Risks associated with inefficient intake processes
  • How to improve workflows to reduce risk
  • What efficient intake technology and workflow should look like and how it should work in a legal department

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