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Our Mission

Aspire. Empower. Achieve.

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We’re innovators! We build and deliver technologies that help legal teams collaborate and grow. We offer freedom from the mundane. We automate and integrate so you don’t have to. Featuring world-class security on a cloud-based solution, our team is ready help you move ahead. It’s easier than you think.

Our Story

15+ Years of AdvoLogix

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Founded in 2006, AdvoLogix has more than a decade of experience delivering cloud-based legal solutions for law firms, legal departments and public service organizations.

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Meet Our Team

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Jonathan Reed
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Paul Deschenes
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Dave Schwab
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Dan Bellopede
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Varun Chadda

Join Our Team!

Our team is growing! At AdvoLogix are always looking for the brightest and most accomplished industry leaders.

Check our Job Boards to see any openings.

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