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Law firms, corporate legal departments, and public service institutions need advanced matter management resources to handle complex processes associated with managing their case loads. Matter management systems provide the essential tools that legal professionals can use to navigate and organize their matter management processes. Learn about the AdvoLogix Matter Management solution and how it can give you complete control of your legal operations workflow. 

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Future-proof your legal operations with the most secure, powerful, and adaptable solution on the market—AdvoLogix Matter Management. Take control of your tech, decrease dependence on outside vendors, automate processes in a few clicks, and easily configure dashboards and reports. In addition, quickly and affordably plug in your other applications with many pre-built integrations from the largest enterprise app store on Earth, the Salesforce App Exchange. Do all this with confidence, knowing you are in the most secure environment available.

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Customizable Reports and Dashboards

No matter what kind of case you are working on, your firm or department can benefit greatly from customizable options for reports and dashboards. Spot trends and make informed business decisions with intuitive and impactful data and reporting that’s specifically tailored to your needs. Choose from the built-in reports or quickly create your own custom reports and dashboards.

Optimal matter management software lets you create and refine reporting based on the specific needs of a matter or matter type. Robust reporting also empowers many organizational roles by providing tools that can illuminate key metrics that guide top-level decision making. 

As your firm or department grows, your report formatting needs will likely evolve, too. When this happens, it’s essential to have legal matter management software that provides you with built-in templates and customizable options. 

With AdvoLogix, you can quickly choose from report templates that correspond to the real needs of law firms and legal departments like yours. Whether your using dashboards on a daily basis to manage your workflow, or building custom reports to glean key insights, a true matter management system should offer deep reporting capabilities.

Secure and Reliable

AdvoLogix partners with Salesforce, the industry leader in enterprise platform security. Physical and network security, disaster recovery, and continuous security audits ensure your data is safe.

Operate confidently with best-in-class standard security, or choose enhanced security options such as GovCloud, or Salesforce Shield. Don’t trust your security to a vendor when you can verify it, knowing your systems are constantly being hardened and battle-tested. Trusted by major law firms, US Federal departments, US State & Local Government organizations, and Fortune 500 legal departments, move ahead with your organization knowing you have the power of Salesforce security protecting your data.

Salesforce has achieved its reputation as an industry leader in software security thanks to the numerous overlapping security protocols it builds into all of its solutions. By using a platform built on Salesforce, like AdvoLogix, your firm will benefit from comprehensive cybersecurity tools such as penetration testing, infrastructure logging and monitoring, and thorough threat intelligence and incident response. 

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Intuitive Document Management

One of the major challenges to effective case management for any law firm or legal department is managing the volumes of documents in their systems. Without a comprehensive document management system, law firms and departments can quickly get overwhelmed by the sheer number of documents and files associated with even a single case. 

AdvoLogix document management software allows law firms and legal departments to easily organize, edit, store, and collaborate on any documents related to specific cases directly from the AdvoLogix platform. 

In addition, the AdvoLogix platform integrates with best of breed 3rd party DMS solutions to offer a seamless interface between industry-leading DMS solutions and your Salesforce instance. Take advantage of seamless and native AdvoLogix integrations for: iManage, MS Sharepoint and Google drive. Users can also take advantage of a plethora of integrations available on the Salesforce App Exchange, quickly and easily. 

Matter Management That Integrates With a Wide Array of Solutions

Matter management software must integrate with a wide range of other software solutions your firm or department already uses. AdvoLogix currently offers integrations with document management solutions such as:



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MS Sharepoint

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Google Drive 



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XeBee Records

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Conga Composer

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LinkPoint Connect



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Advologix provides legal teams the scalability and flexibility to create a legal matter solution that fits their specific business needs. The backbone of the solution is its integration with Salesforce, giving the user the power of Salesforce intertwined with a robust Legal Matter solution.

Cloud-Based Legal Matter Management

In recent years working from cloud-based platforms has become the norm, rather than the exception. Cloud-based legal matter management software allows you to work independently, with flexibility for your entire team. Compared to on-premise software, cloud-based applications give you access to matter management software from anywhere you have an internet connection. Plus, cloud-based apps provide much easier integration across multiple departments. 

With cloud-based capabilities, your team can collaborate in real-time, check matter status, create time entries, and upload documents in an interactive dashboard. Read more about the benefits of cloud-based legal matter management software available from AdvoLogix. 

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Benefits of Matter Management Built on Salesforce

AdvoLogix Matter Management provides law firms and legal departments with a myriad of benefits, including easy access to the world’s largest enterprise app exchange. If your organization requires functionality beyond the scope of AdvoLogix, the Salesforce app exchange is home to the best apps on the planet. Integrate and optimize your processes with ease. Avoid the slow, buggy and painful 3rd party integrations with easy access to the options on the Salesforce App Exchange. 

Designed To Scale

Another advantage of AdvoLogix Matter Management software is its ability to scale. AdvoLogix matter management software is designed to be scalable for organizations of any size. From smaller law firms to large corporate legal departments, the scalability of the AdvoLogix platform offers flexibility to perform optimally at any stage of organizations growth. AdvoLogix software also offers different product tiers for the specific documentation needs of your operation, whether large or small. 

How To Choose Legal Matter Management Software

When shopping for the best legal matter management software for your law firm or legal department, there are a few key variables to weigh. 

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Consider Your Department Size

Some matter management software is designed for small firms. Others are designed for larger corporate departments, while some are designed for federal, state, and local agencies. Matter management software for large firms and corporate legal offices usually has more advanced account and reporting features to address these firms’ more complex budgetary needs. 

Software for smaller firms tends to have customizable service packages with different price points. This allows smaller firms and solo law practitioners to get software solutions for what they need without paying more for what they don’t.

Consider the Integrations Your Department Needs

If your firm or department already has digital infrastructure, you must ensure that any matter management software you bring in will integrate well with your system. AdvoLogix integrates seamlessly with most applications that legal professionals use. This includes email integration programs such as Match My Email and Cirrus Insight, data management programs such as Informatica and Jitterbit, and application integrations such as Zapier and Autofy.

Look for Additional Features To Enhance Your Matter Management Workflow

Finally, always look for additional features in any matter management solution that can enhance your department’s workflow and resource efficiency. AdvoLogix document management solutions offer excellent functionality for automating data entry and achieving advanced analytics. 

With AdvoLogix, you can benefit from features like the Spend Management solution for automated budget creation, and expense tracking and legal invoicing automation using the AdvoLogix Caster. 

The AdvoLogix Caster uses artificial intelligence technologies to automate invoice data entry and organization. And with its machine-learning capabilities, it improves its processing ability and speed over time.

Matter Management Built for Legal Departments

Whether you work in a law firm, legal department, or a public institution, matter management software built for your needs is a must. With AdvoLogix, you can benefit from the flexibility of a cloud-based software solution and the convenience of customizable workflows and automations. 

AdvoLogix Matter Management offers numerous integrations and scalability options for your organization’s needs. Contact AdvoLogix to get your demo of the AdvoLogix Matter Management solutions and see how quality matter management software can make all the difference for your practice.

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