The AdvoLogix Caster: Legal Invoice AI

Corporate legal departments and government agencies frequently waste time and money manually imputing data to process vendor invoices. The AdvoLogix Caster uses advanced AI and cloud-based machine learning to automate legal invoice intake. Available as a stand-alone API hosted on AWS, or as an add-on to a Spend Management application, the Caster processes all invoice data, organizes and normalizes it into relevant fields, vastly reducing the time, effort, and money needed for invoice ingestion.


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Manually processing invoices is one of the legal profession’s more tedious and time-consuming aspects. Legal departments must deal with ongoing contract management and billing processes that require countless invoices and budgetary documents.

Furthermore, outside counsel may have their own unique invoice formatting and labeling, making automation virtually impossible.

Unlock the power of AI, specifically tailored for the legal industry, to drive efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings across your organization. Caster is available as an add-on to AdvoLogix’s suite of enterprise legal management applications to free your organization from tasks such as manual legal invoice data entry. The Caster can also feed invoice data to ANY environment through our AWS-hosted API, enabling seamless integration with your existing systems.

Watch the video to learn how Advologix’s Document Caster Works

Without a way to automate invoice processing, even the largest and most resource-rich legal offices will spend too much time manually preparing these documents and enforcing billing compliance. Without doing so, your department risks losing millions in billing errors.

However, recent developments in AI and machine learning bring good news to professionals across the legal field. AdvoLogix is proud to introduce the Caster. This state-of-the-art legal e-billing application uses advanced AI technologies to provide legal professionals like yourself with convenient invoice automation capabilities. 

The AdvoLogix Caster takes advantage of recent innovations in generative AI. In most cases, generative AI creates novel content based on preexisting information. However, the AdvoLogix Caster employs cloud-based machine learning technologies to integrate generative AI capabilities with accurate automated invoice capture and data normalization. 

The Caster’s generative AI capabilities combine optical recognition, classification, parsing, and generative AI to process and create complete invoices and other legal e-billing documents. This allows the Caster to turn unstructured data into structured data in a comprehensive interface while significantly improving workflow automation for any law firm or legal office. 

By taking advantage of the most advanced generative AI and cloud-based machine learning technologies available today, Caster learns progressively, thereby improving its processing ability and speed over time.

The AdvoLogix Caster can be purchased as an add-on to AdvoLogix’s Spend Management Solution or be used as an API. When combined with Spend Management, Caster can increase your organization’s legal office’s invoice processing speed, promote transparency, and improve data accuracy.  

Eliminate Manual Invoice Data Entry

Manual invoice processing tends to be time-consuming and tedious because a user must enter data into many separate fields. This costs time and energy and increases the chance of human error that can compromise the data collected.  

The AdvoLogix Caster offers a fully automated invoice processing tool that eliminates the need for manual invoice data entry from any law firm’s day-to-day operations. It allows law firms, legal departments, and government agencies to import volumes of legal invoices into their management systems, automatically taking the data from the document and entering it into the correct management system areas. 

Caster uses cloud-based AI to import all data into AdvoLogix’s Spend Management system. Thanks to Caster’s user-friendly interface, users can easily enter raw invoice data and quickly produce comprehensive, accurate, and professional invoices in a fraction of the time.

Caster’s generative AI foundation allows it to match data fields between the invoice data and the invoice document design. Employees can enter relevant data such as dates, invoice numbers, vendors, payment information, and cost totals without manual data entry. AdvoLogix will then automatically upload all data into the relevant categories in the invoice template. 

Caster also uses ChatGPT’s language model to construct readable and professional content as needed for any invoice. 

Spend management

Integrates with Spend Management on Salesforce

The Caster application is available as an add-on to AdvoLogix’s Spend Management program, a Salesforce-based expense-tracking solution. Because the application integrates with Spend Management, the application will be available on the Salesforce app exchange. 

AdvoLogix’s Spend Management has revolutionized how, corporate legal departments and government offices manage their expenses and document creation. Now, Caster seamlessly integrates invoice data into a firm or law office’s preexisting Spend Management interface. 

You can keep a comprehensive library of all invoices within your Spend Management page to track expenses and budgets over time. With invoice data from Caster, your Spend Management page can quickly and accurately produce comprehensive short-term and long-term budgets. In addition, the Caster’s Spend Management integration lets you securely share invoice data with outside parties. 

Spend management
picture showing AWS Cloud based machine learning icons

How the Caster Works: Cloud-Based Machine Learning


The AdvoLogix Caster’s automated data normalization capabilities turn unstructured data into structured data to create complete, professional invoices from uploaded data files. Once you upload a PDF of unstructured invoice data to Caster, it goes to a back-end cloud platform that uses Amazon Web Service’s API Gateway capabilities for integrated API performance. 

picture showing AWS Cloud based machine learning icons

From this back-end platform, the information goes through Caster’s data extraction and machine learning program for comprehensive processing. This process uses an advanced extraction lambda function to parse, organize, analyze, and review all data before returning it to the system to be placed in an automatically-populated invoice template. Caster’s advanced machine learning features can cross-check all invoices against outside counsel agreements, letters of engagement, and statements of work. 

If you wish to add specific types of compliance, you can also use Caster’s user-friendly codeless interface to customize your own rules for invoice crosschecking. These customizable rules allow Caster to automatically identify billing mistakes, eliminate costly human errors, and increase a firm’s savings. 

Get a Demo of the AdvoLogix Caster Today

Whether you are in-house counsel in a corporate legal department, a state & local organization, a U.S. Federal Department, or a paralegal working for a nonprofit, you probably know the advantages of a fully-automated invoicing process. If your firm or legal office already uses AdvoLogix’s Spend Management system, you can easily upload the Caster application to your Spend Management page and quickly integrate all invoicing data into your budget. Even if you do not currently use Spend Management, you can still access the AdvoLogix Caster as a separate application and reap the benefits of its advanced machine-learning data normalization capabilities. 

With advanced machine learning technologies at your fingertips, there’s no reason your legal office should continue to spend unnecessary time and money manually creating and cross-checking invoices. Get in touch with AdvoLogix today to start your demo of Caster and enjoy the benefits of automated invoice creation.

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