9 Ways to Use AI in the Workplace

Rather than replacing human professionals, AI applications take a complementary role in the workplace and improve overall efficiency. Here are nine actionable ways to use artificial intelligence, no matter your industry.

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Few people can turn on the news today without hearing a story about recent trends in artificial intelligence. Whether the coverage touches on promising potential or discusses more pessimistic scenarios, there’s no denying that AI is bringing major changes across society. 

You have likely heard much hypothetical talk about AI and maybe even played around with AI tools like ChatGPT. However, most people working in legal departments and IT offices still struggle to find practical uses for AI in their day-to-day jobs. 

AI capabilities have now reached a point where anyone in an office can benefit. Professionals like yourself have so many AI applications beyond just ChatGPT to make your jobs easier, and understanding these applications can help you leverage them in your everyday life. Here are nine potential AI uses for legal departments and other workplace settings.  

Use AI for Content Creation

Perhaps the most common AI usage for professional and private applications is content creation. By now, you’ve probably seen AI content creation tools like ChatGPT, which can create long, coherent texts based on user prompts. You may have also seen some examples of AI-generated art and visuals.

But while these technology trends have broad applications, professionals like yourself have options for content creation that apply to your career. Legal professionals must rely on content creation to meet client demands, organize documents, and communicate within their offices. Many of these tasks can be delegated to AI applications. 

You may fear using AI applications for content creation amounts to plagiarism. The good news is that current AI tools are specialized to handle very specific tasks while leaving actual content generation to human hands. 

When you use these tools, the actual content will still be produced by you. However, you can assign individual tasks to AI tools that would otherwise take up much of your time. By reassigning specific tasks in your office to AI content creation tools, you can better manage your time and dedicate your resources and energy to tasks that require much more focus. 

Do Research

Most legal professionals must conduct extensive research on multiple subjects daily. Legal research needs to be accurate but also quick. Spending too much time scouring databases and research platforms for specific cases or projects can cost time better spent on other tasks. 

Fortunately, you can now access AI tools that can perform comprehensive online research quickly and effectively based on specific prompts. Tools like AOMNI use informative retrieval AI technology to find, extract, and process any online data. 

AOMNI is particularly useful for gathering large quantities of raw data needed for specific types of written content. AOMNI’s AI application is designed to identify trustworthy sources for online data, collect it, and organize it into a user-friendly format. This means you can generate reliable research while better managing your time and resources for more active content creation tasks. 

Create Outlines and Rough Drafts

Content creation in your workplace can be much easier if you have a good outline to work from. Outlining content is often a tedious and time-consuming process. But with the right AI tools, you can create excellent outlines from simple prompts to better organize your professional writing. 

Applications like Notion AI are excellent for organizing professional writing for your current workplace projects. With Notion AI, you can create comprehensive outlines, generate rough drafts, and even brainstorm ideas for future projects. 

Write Long-Form Content

AI content creation capabilities are not limited to simple research and outlining. With AI tools like Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis, you can create long-form content for promotions, marketing, or other forms of communication. 

Jasper is particularly useful because it uses AI capabilities to “read” your company or firm’s brand voice from previous documents. Jasper can then produce novel long-form informative content consistent with your brand tone. Jasper is also useful for generating interdepartmental emails and communications, where a more “professional” tone is important for maintaining an authoritative voice. 

Translate from Any Language

Accurate translation is often an essential tool for most professional settings. For law offices and legal departments, inaccurate translations can result in lost cases, missed deadlines, and fewer clients. In the past, legal offices hired the services of professional translators to ensure that all translations into English were accurate and complete. 

However, while human translators are still essential, AI technologies now allow for AI-generated translating applications useful in specific circumstances. Translation tools like Google Translate, DeepL, and Alexa Translations are useful for quickly translating documents like emails and professional communications. 

Make an Enterprise Content Management Plan

A good enterprise content management plan can help your office better define organizational processes, organize data, and strategize more efficiently. But these plans require extensive analysis of large quantities of data. 

AI applications like Box Skills employ advanced machine learning to organize your office’s raw data and extract sophisticated insights. You can then use these insights to develop a much more comprehensive and effective enterprise content management plan. 

Use AI for Administrative Work

One of the biggest causes of inefficiency in the office is poorly-delegated administrative tasks. All offices rely on small-scale administrative work to function properly, but writing emails, documenting meetings, and overseeing scheduling take too much time and resources.  

AI applications can now handle many of the more tedious administrative tasks. And far from replacing your office’s administrative professionals, these tools make their jobs much easier by allowing them to manage their work more efficiently. 

Write Emails

Emails are all too frequently a cause of time inefficiency in your office. While interdepartmental emails are often essential, sitting down and typing out simple information can take up too much of your time. Many email services now use AI technologies to make writing emails much easier. 

For example, Gmail offers AI services like Smart Compose, a feature that uses advanced machine learning to recognize the content of an email in progress and predict what comes next. This feature then offers suggestions for the next word, phrase, or sentence, which the writer can quickly select and add if desired. These tools allow you to write emails much faster without spending too much time typing out individual sentences. 

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Other programs offer AI-generated writing assistance that you can use for email creation. Grammarly currently offers writing assistance and content generation services that you can use to quickly fill in gaps in an email in progress or generate new sentences when responding to a past email. 

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Inputting Invoices

Invoices are required for billing clients, paying vendors, and handling other financial matters. However, with so many small data points that need to be organized in a predetermined format, invoice creation often wastes a legal professional’s time and energy. 

Now, applications like AdvoLogix’s Caster use AI technologies and cloud-based machine learning to automate invoice creation. When using the AdvoLogix Caster’s interface, you can quickly organize all relevant data into appropriate fields. Utilizing legal AI software eliminates manual data entry and allows you to create accurate and complete invoices quickly and efficiently.

Take Meeting Notes

Tl:dv is an AI application that helps meeting participants record important notes without missing any significant information. These tools use machine learning technologies to automatically and accurately transcribe what is said in a particular meeting or conference.

Manage Your Schedule

AI-infused software like the Timely app is a great way to manage your schedule inside and outside the workplace. Apps like Timely automatically track the amount of time you spend on a particular task or assignment. This allows you to organize your schedule more effectively and better relegate your time and resources during the work day. 

Summarize Documents

One often overlooked advantage of a content generation AI like ChatGPT is its ability to summarize documents effectively. Most of the important documents in your workplace will still need to come from human minds. But ChatGPT and other AI content generation programs can provide brief yet comprehensive summaries of important documents to convey essential information more promptly. 

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Use AI for Marketing

Marketing is one of the more promising AI uses for the workplace. No matter what your office or law firm specializes in, you will likely need to connect with potential clients and build relationships with existing ones. Using efficient machine learning software, AI offers you a new dimension in marketing outreach. 

For example, if you are unsure where to start in a marketing campaign, you can use an AI application like AIRPM to generate quick prompts based on your set guidelines. AI also takes much of the tedious busywork out of marketing by automating much of the content generation. 

Generate Blog and Social Media Post Ideas

Social media posts must usually adhere to complex algorithmic patterns to get promoted by social media platforms and show up in the feeds of potential clients. Writing these blog or social media posts is much easier with AI content-generation tools. Not only can applications like AIRPM generate ideas for social media posts, but you can also use tools like ChatGPT to generate quick posts from these prompts. 

Build Analytics

Your company or law firm’s social media outreach requires complex analytics to build a reputation and reach clients effectively. AI applications like Hootsuite provide comprehensive analytics tools that help you analyze social media posts to see what engages potential clients. 

Create Keyword-Oriented Content

Effective social media marketing content needs to emphasize particular keywords to do well on SEO rankings. AI content generation applications like Rytr allow you to create effective marketing content for your workplace based on specific keywords you want to emphasize. 

Use AI for Sales

Effective sales strategies often require a mix of creativity and efficiency. While the former will always necessitate human sales professionals, you can still use innovative AI tools to simplify the sales process in your workplace. 

Successful sales pitches do not merely involve comprehensive information—they also require a unique and memorable presentation style. AI applications now offer professionals machine-learning tools to integrate proven sales templates with your firm or company’s unique voice. 

Make Slide Decks

Online sales pitches usually involve slide presentations to show prospective customers and clients. Generating these slides from your core content can often be time-consuming. Fortunately, AI tools like MagicSlides allow you to quickly generate unique and memorable slide decks from the basic information you enter into the program. 

Automate Outreach

AI applications are also great for automating sales outreach to existing clients. For example, ChatGPT currently offers an automated email generator that creates email content and automatically sends it to clients. By automating these processes in your company’s sales efforts, you and other professionals can dedicate much more time to personal and creative client engagement. 

Use an AI CRM

Law firms, law offices, and other companies now have access to AI-driven CRM software. Applications like Salesforce Einstein and Zoho CRM allow you to integrate your current client relationships and interactions into a comprehensive interface. By organizing all sales outreach with AI programs, you can achieve a more holistic approach to your existing client base. 

Use AI in Human Resources

Another underrated benefit of AI tools in the workplace is the potential for improving your firm’s human resources practices. Human resource departments usually require extensive navigation of a large job applicant pool, onboarding of new employees, and oversight of potential interpersonal workplace issues. AI technologies’ content generation and organizational capabilities can make these processes far more cost-effective.

Talent Acquisition

Finding new talent that best matches your company’s vision and needs can be difficult. Hiring managers must often read countless resumes and cover letters and compare similar strengths between multiple candidates down to a minuscule degree.

Resume review and candidate match programs like Skillate and Psymetrics use AI programs to organize all incoming resumes, identify the core strengths of each candidate based on set guidelines, and streamline the entire hiring process. 

How to Use AI in Software Development

Looking elsewhere in your company or firm’s resource needs, IT departments can also benefit from new AI applications. Software development, in particular, can be improved with the automatic machine-learning tools found in many of the best AI programs on the market today. Since much of your company’s IT work involves managing complex code and software applications, automation in software development provides a much greater degree of efficiency for your IT department. 

Generate & Debug Code

Though you have probably heard about AI content and image generation applications by now, you may not know that AI tools can also generate software code. AI applications like GitHub Copilot, Tabnine, and Mintlify use the same machine-learning technologies found in content creation AI programs like ChatGPT to generate complex lines of code for different programming languages. These same technologies are also quite useful for automatically debugging existing lines of code. 

Explain Functions Within Code

IT professionals often spend more time explaining the function of programming codes to their coworkers than working on the code itself. AI content generation tools can automate the explanation of code functions for an entire office, department, or company. By automating the explanatory aspect of your company’s IT department, your IT professionals will have significantly more time and resources to dedicate to fixing actual IT issues. 

How to Use AI for Design

Perhaps the most evocative use of AI technologies is in visual design. By now, you’ve probably seen numerous examples of AI-generated images derived from simple prompts. But while these examples showcase the broader extent of AI’s current capabilities, you may not have realized the specific applications these capabilities have for your firm. 

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Create Images

Creating memorable images is a major element of grabbing a person’s attention. In your workplace, image creation is an important tool in marketing, sales, interdepartmental communication, etc. For example, if your marketing department creates an image that will appeal to your preferred customer base, your company will likely attract more clients. Likewise, a company-wide email with an arresting image is more likely to be read and taken to heart than a bland email without engaging imagery. 

Of course, the creation of such arresting images traditionally required artists and visual designers. These professionals must be onboarded with your company and paid for their time and efforts. But with AI image generation tools, your company or firm can create complex, visually-engaging images without needing a skilled visual designer. 

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Popular AI image-generation programs like DALL-E, MidJourney, and Adobe Sensei allow you to generate complex, engaging images from short prompts. You can then use these images for online marketing, mass emails, promotions, or even images required for court. 

How to Use AI for Entrepreneurship

Individual entrepreneurs can also benefit from AI-driven technologies. Entrepreneurship requires great financial and personal risk, especially when starting a new business. Entrepreneurs must often invest in essential resources and engage with potential customers to build a brand from scratch. With AI tools, entrepreneurs can greatly limit risk by improving their organization and efficiency. 

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AI tools can help entrepreneurs find the best prices on real estate, equipment, raw materials, and anything else they need for their business venture. Machine-learning capabilities identify and organize the best prices for any budget, while an AI application’s cloud-based platform allows entrepreneurs to organize their shopping much more effectively. 

Use AI Chatbots for Customer Engagement

AI chatbots have already taken off in the field of customer engagement. Entrepreneurs can use this technology to build a loyal and lasting customer base. AI applications like Chatbot automatically generate meaningful responses to customer queries while freeing human professionals to focus on resolving customers’ problems. 

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Use AI for Customer Service

Finally, your firm or company can significantly improve customer service by integrating AI solutions into your existing programs. While you may worry that an AI customer service system will remove the personal touch that your customers need, the reality is that AI customer service applications exist to integrate with human professionals. In this way, AI tools take over specific tasks that would benefit from automation. At the same time, human professionals can more efficiently interact with customers and manage any issues they may have. 

Improve Response Times and Reduce Team Workload

One of the most common sources of complaints about a company’s customer service is long wait times. When human professionals have to organize and identify all customer service issues independently, individual customers often have to wait much longer to access the customer service system. When clients and customers call for help, they are often dealing with a crisis of some sort. The shorter their wait time, the more likely they will stick with your organization.

AI customer service providers like Forethought and Intercom greatly improve customer service response time by automating engagement and ticket organization. Plus, with automated AI customer service tools, your company or firm’s customer service team will see a greatly reduced workload and much more time and resources to address core customer service issues. 

Maximize AI in Your Workplace With AdvoLogix

AdvoLogix provides law firms, legal offices, and public agencies with advanced, cloud-based legal software solutions that address their actual needs. 

Thanks to AI tools like Caster, AdvoLogix can provide your office with effective automation of data entry, invoicing, and other essential but time-consuming processes. Reach out today to talk with one of our specialists to see firsthand how we can enhance your capabilities. 

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