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Legal and IT professionals working in local governments must often deal with several interrelated issues when it comes to software. Not only must all government software be fully secure and compliant with regulations, but limited budgets mean local governments must save money on their software. The local government software solutions available from AdvoLogix combine FedRAMP certification, cloud-based convenience, and efficient automation to provide local government legal professionals with the best of all worlds. 

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Legal professionals working in the public sector have complex needs regarding the software they use. Most people would assume correctly that legal departments in large federal agencies need highly-reliable, secure software that can meet complex needs while adhering to strict regulations. But even among IT professionals and software providers, too few people recognize the software needs of local government departments are just as complex.

Thanks to cloud-based networks and artificial intelligence tools, AdvoLogix offers reliable, convenient, and secure legal government software solutions. AdvoLogix software products meet the specific demands of any local governmental legal department, including budgetary management, legal matter management, and invoice creation processes.

Automation and customizable templates also mean that AdvoLogix local government software solutions can save local government offices significant time and money on their daily projects. This is particularly important for local governments working with much more limited budgets than equivalent departments in federal and state governments. 

Benefits of Legal Software for Local Government Agencies

Local governments often face numerous overlapping challenges when dealing with legal matters. The right local government software can help mitigate or even eliminate these problems.

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Managing Multiple Jurisdictions

Local legal departments must deal with complex legal issues from both the public and private sectors. This means that a local government’s legal department will have to manage legal matters, cases, contracts, invoices, and cooperation with other federal, state, and local governmental departments. 

It also means they must manage similar issues when working with businesses and nonprofits in the private sector. These complex domains usually mean different regulatory requirements, different preferences, different standards, and so on.

Saving Time and Money

Local governmental legal departments often face limited budgets and personnel. This problem only deepens when local elections, legal rulings, or changes in administrative policy prompt abrupt shifts in budgets or regulatory requirements. 

As a result, local governments need local government software solutions that save time and money while not sacrificing complex cybersecurity requirements. 

Implementing Automation and AI

High-quality software for legal departments can provide local governments with effective automation for many of the more basic tasks that come with necessary legal management. For example, managing contracts and processing invoices often require extensive, time-consuming data entry for local government employees. This kind of manual busywork can consume too much time and resources and prevents legal professionals in local governments from focusing on more complex tasks. But with AI-driven automation, local government legal professionals can free themselves from tedious busywork while still ensuring high-quality output. 

Simplifying Collaboration and Communication

In addition to increasing organizational efficiency, AdvoLogix’s secure, cloud-based software infrastructure lets all authorized local government employees collaborate on relevant tasks from any computer or mobile device. This not only greatly simplifies collaboration, but it also saves time and resources that would otherwise get spent trying to schedule in-person meetings. 

How to Choose Local Government Legal Software

A few key criteria are useful for government employees to consider when looking for the best local governmental legal software for their department.

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Regulatory Compliance

One of the more important issues to consider for any local government software solution is regulatory compliance.

While large agencies within the federal government are subject to extensive regulations for cybersecurity and authorization, even small local government departments must pay attention to the regulatory credentials of the software solutions they use. Local governments may need to work directly with federal offices or major government contractors. These collaborations will go much more smoothly if all parties have legal software with the same regulatory compliance. 

FedRAMP Certification

Local governments can benefit from software solutions that comply with the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP. FedRAMP is the main regulatory framework for ensuring cybersecurity in federal government departments. 

Even if a local government does not legally need a FedRAMP-certified program for its legal work, such a program would still guarantee the highest level of data security. 

Integration with Essential Platforms

Salesforce GovCloud is FedRAMP certified, so local government software solution built on that Salesforce environment will also be compliant. Local governments can also look for software solutions that use Amazon Web Services GovCloud. GovCloud is a cloud-based data network built by Amazon to meet the high-security standards of government agencies. 

AdvoLogix government software solutions are offered on secure Salesforce and AWS GovCloud foundations, ensuring the highest level of cybersecurity and regulatory compliance for all local governments.

Local Government Legal Matter Management Software

Legal matter management software from AdvoLogix uses a secure, cloud-based network to provide local governments with comprehensive legal matter management capabilities.

AdvoLogix Matter Management offers fully customizable templates for all ongoing legal cases and lets local government legal professionals collaborate on reports and utilize CRM software via user-friendly dashboards. Plus, with its Salesforce foundation, Matter Management is easily integrated with most other software programs local government departments use. 

Local Government Legal Spend Management Software

Preparing and analyzing budgets are often among local government departments’ most time-consuming and tedious tasks. But with the AdvoLogix Spend Management software, local government departments can analyze their current budget, prepare expense sheets, and bill vendors on a convenient cloud-based system. 

Local Government Legal Invoice Management

Invoicing is another necessary process that nonetheless forces too much time-consuming busywork on local government legal professions. But with the AdvoLogix Caster, local governments can take advantage of today’s most advanced machine learning technologies and fully automate the invoicing process. With invoice data entry automated by AdvoLogix’s advanced AI tools, local government professionals can save time and money while focusing on larger legal issues. 

Work Securely with AdvoLogix

Local government software products like these are an excellent resource for local governments looking to save time and money while emphasizing necessary cybersecurity compliance. By using AdvoLogix solutions, local governments will get all of the benefits and reliability of the Salesforce Govcloud environment without sacrificing the convenience and flexibility they need. With full FedRAMP certification and the additional government-focused security of GovCloud, local governments can ensure they are in full compliance with relevant security regulations while keeping their sensitive data safe and secure. 

But AdvoLogix software also lets local governments easily collaborate with other legal departments in both the public and private sectors, scale software programs up or down as their resources change, and integrate new software with older Salesforce-based programs. 

Are you part of a local government legal department looking to leverage top local government software solutions? Discover AdvoLogix’s capabilities by speaking to our team for a comprehensive product walkthrough.


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