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Cookies & cream.
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Great things were made to go together. iManage and Salesforce have been added to the list.
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Great things were made to go together. iManage and Salesforce have been added to the list.
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You’re already familiar with what each of these leading business platforms brings to your workflow on their own, but this duo becomes way more dynamic when they work seamlessly together.

All the best of iManage — their unrivaled document management that allows you to memorialize knowledge, collaborate on solutions, protect your intellectual property — and the unmatched power of the Salesforce platform for deftly managing your customer relationships, come together beautifully with the new iManage to Salesforce Integration powered by AdvoLogix.

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This is your last switch.

If you’re like millions of others currently using both platforms, you’re likely switching back and forth between them to sync up data. Copying files, updating records, reading call notes, locating documents, getting internal feedback (and then client responses), and on and on. Each of these activities happens in a specific place, either iManage or Salesforce, but they’re all interdependent.

We kept hearing the same frustrations from our customers: they needed an easier way to access their iManage workspaces, folders, documents, and emails without having to switch back and forth from Salesforce. As a key technology partner of iManage, we knew we had the technical expertise to fix it.

Switch no more. Our unique integration connects the platforms so that you can simultaneously access all the contextual information you have in Salesforce and all the expertise you’ve compiled in iManage without having to switch back and forth. Instead, you simply work within Salesforce and everything you need from iManage is always instantly available.

“The ability to manage and browse iManage content from the context of Salesforce record is a game-changer for professionals who spend large portions of their day within Salesforce, but need quick, secure access to content in iManage, such as contracts, legal agreements, and other key work products.”​

“The iManage to Salesforce Integration is a welcome addition to AppExchange, putting valuable documents at professionals’ fingertips, and helping to transform how organizations interact with lawyers and legal teams on the critical documents they manage.”

- CWoodson Martin, GM of Salesforce AppExchange
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The iManage to Salesforce Integration powered by AdvoLogix is fully compliant with all Salesforce security and compliance requirements and is available for purchase on the Salesforce AppExchange, as well as directly from iManage.

Get more out of your iManage platform by connecting it directly to your Salesforce instance. Our integration specialists can have you up and running in less than an hour.

Video demos are great, but if you’d like one of us to show you how our iManage to Salesforce integration will change your daily life for the better, we’d be happy to oblige. Just let us know how to reach you and we’ll get a hassle- and obligation-free call scheduled.

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