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AdvoLogix is a legal practice management tool that runs on Salesforce, a cloud-based client relationship management (CRM) software that users can access anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Take advantage of real-time reporting, integrations, dashboards, customizable modules, and other state-of-the-art features. Learn how Advologix + Salesforce can help your law firm achieve greater organization, efficiency, and collaboration.


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Law firms have a lot of client data to organize. As such, legal professionals can easily miss deadlines, especially without a centralized system to search and store data. They may also mix up client files, leading to client dissatisfaction, negative reviews, and lost revenue.

Enter Salesforce for legal. Secure, customizable, and scalable, Salesforce is a cloud-based platform that lets businesses manage operations, client data, and marketing campaigns. It provides tools and features for improving client relationships, including data management, application development, and client support.

Because it is built on Salesforce, AdvoLogix can leverage the platform’s enterprise-level functionality to enhance its legal matter management capabilities. The marriage of these two robust technologies will supercharge your law firm’s operational efficiencies.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that brings clients and companies together. It allows different teams across organizations to access, analyze, and communicate client data. Some of its core features include:

  • Performance reports and dashboards
  • File syncing and sharing
  • Client activity history
  • Lead management capabilities
  • Marketing analysis
  • Automation for complex and repetitive processes

Why should law firms consider Salesforce?

When attorneys use Salesforce, they can unite legal, sales, marketing, service, and information technology (IT) teams from anywhere. Law firms, government entities, and corporate legal departments can also use Salesforce to perform a wide range of tasks from anywhere, including:

Engaging clients with empathetic and relevant digital marketing

Using real-time reporting and dashboards to analyze client and lead behavior

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology to create client-focused documentation and agreements

Empowering teams to work remotely

Providing excellent service through a better understanding of client interactions with the firm

Over 150,000 companies have been growing their businesses with Salesforce, including Unilever, BBVA, Brunello Cucinelli, and T-Mobile. With AdvoLogix, your law firm can leverage the same Salesforce functionality as these enterprises through a platform customized for legal services.

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Joey Poarch

Director of SSA at Zennify

Great Solution and Partner

We’ve been using Salesforce since 2009 and made the move to Advologix in 2011. Our firm has been able to grow our team and revenue and improve our service to our clients using Advologix. The power of the Salesforce platform is tremendous and allows us to tailor the system to meet our specific business needs. Being able to easily integrate other AppExchange apps like Conga, Conga Sign, NetDocuments, Zoom, Blackthorn for SMS, etc. helps us round out our end-to-end processes using one platform. The team at Advologix have been great to work with over the years. I highly recommend!

What Salesforce features can law firms use?

Below are some of the Salesforce functions your law office can use with AdvoLogix.

Salesforce Cloud Services

AdvoLogix provides access to various Salesforce services and products. Because they’re on the cloud, you and your team can access files and collaborate no matter where you are.

Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud

Unlocks actionable insights and client data in real-time and at scale with features that:

  • Connect your client data from any device, app, or real-time stream with out-of-the-box connectors
  • Empower any department with unified client profiles that adapt to client activity in real-time, giving teams a better understanding of clients’ legal needs
  • Automatically synchronize and harmonize all of your data into one client graph
  • Create personalized campaigns, journeys, and moments for leads and clients to capture their attention and sell your brand
  • Use automation to scale productivity and quickly close deals
  • Use industry-specific tools to grow your law firm or enterprise

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud enables sales legal teams to zoom in on the sales and client support components of CRM. The main features of the Sales cloud include:

  • Automating complex firm processes with workflows and activity tracking
  • Optimizing outcomes with real-time data across every channel to increase revenue
  • Tracking client interactions and information in one place
  • Forecasting and pipeline management
  • Keeping all client and case information up to date
  • Nurturing leads
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of marketing and communications campaigns

AdvoLogix integrates and leverages data from Sales Cloud to give in-house counsel a full lifetime view of a legal matter, and associates accounts and contacts, from the first interaction through matter resolution and beyond.

Sales Cloud also offers various add-ons, including:

  • Revenue Cloud is an all-in-one revenue platform with billing, CPQ (configure, price, quote), and subscription management. It helps lawyers find efficient growth on any channel. 
  • Territory Planning lets in-house legal departments and other teams distribute resources efficiently by tracking alignment history and comparing alternatives to get the best coverage.
  • Sales Engagement empowers teams to activate every sales channel via a single app that lets users access, manage, and update CRM data.

Salesforce Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud offers speedy, artificial intelligence-powered client support and service experience. For law firms and lawyers, it allows you to scale your operations effectively. 

Your legal team can also use this cloud to:

  • Offer seamless collaboration with clients so you can create client-focused documentation and contracts
  • Resolve queries quickly using the Slack-First Customer 360 integration
  • Equip case management teams to communicate with clients in real-time through Live Agent
  • Establish a self-service center for clients with convenient options for paying bills, booking appointments, and checking account balances
  • Use omnichannel routing to deliver inquiries and cases automatically

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Your law firm can use the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to improve client relationships. This cloud gives you the ability to:

  • Automate engagement across every channel, including email, mobile, web, and more
  • Drive return on investment (ROI) and optimize marketing performance with AI-driven analytics
  • Personalize moments with Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud’s real-time data

When connected to AdvoLogix, Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud can power your client engagement marketing campaigns via email or social media.


Tableau is an interactive data visualization software that’s now part of Salesforce. You can use Tableau to:

  • Visualize and explore data to get automated insights for your law firm’s marketing pipelines and cases
  • Use intelligent predictions, flows, and recommendations to uncover answers to business-critical queries
  • Act on Salesforce Genie Customer Data Cloud’s real-time insights
  • Make high-quality, secure data available when needed by ensuring control and visibility

Through AdvoLogix, you can use Tableau to visually report on all of your firm’s data, including from external systems, in beautiful visualizations and dynamic dashboards. Answer your clients’ questions more quickly and accurately, resulting in higher productivity, improved customer satisfaction, and higher ratings for your law firm.

Salesforce Automation Examples

Now that you know what Salesforce is and how law firms can use it, let’s explore some of the best Salesforce automation features offered through AdvoLogix. These features drive productivity and improve employees’ work-life balance by handling repetitive tasks. As a result, employees have more time to focus on tasks that require legal expertise.

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Email Templates

Writing emails can take time and energy, especially if you manually call and email stakeholders. To save time, you can use Salesforce email templates to deliver personalized emails to your target audience, whether they’re business partners, clients, or managers.

Contract Management: Record Creation and Automation

Salesforce automation is an efficient and effective way to manage legal contracts and records. 

Record creation automation, for instance, can automatically create files for contracts and sort your contacts using smart tags and filters. Automation and a robust API offer endless possibilities. No-code workflows give anyone the ability to automate tasks in minutes.

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Payment Collection

Collecting payments on time is a common challenge among law firms, especially as markets have become more volatile in recent years. Unpaid hours happen when a client cannot pay their legal fees or when a lawyer fails to follow up on their invoices. 

One of the best solutions is AdvoLogix’s automated payment collection capabilities. AdvoLogix gives legal teams the tools to configure payments, structure pricing, give quotes, and automatically bill clients. Lawyers can also use Advologix to:

  • Automate complex billing requirements to reduce errors and receive timely payments
  • Automate discounts, approvals, and pricing to maximize margins and revenue
  • Minimize churn by proactively contacting clients ahead of time
  • Unify finance and sales with complete visibility across the client lifecycle
  • Quickly identify revenue and reports on orders, quotes, invoices, and payments for actionable insights

Time Tracking

AdvoLogix’s Salesforce capabilities also empower legal teams to implement automated time tracking.

Automated time tracking provides many advantages, including:

  • The ability to save time and minimize errors: Human errors are inevitable when
    you manually track time. With automated time tracking, you can identify lost revenue, improve billing accuracy, and save time.
  • Seamless integration: Connecting automated time tracking to your CRM streamlines the entire process. You will also be able to track time from any device with AdvoLogix’s cloud capabilities powered by Salesforce.
  • Streamlined workflows: With your time system integrated and optimized with finance, payroll, and other departments, monitoring team members’ wages and schedules is easier than ever. As a result, your team will have more time to make data-driven decisions to improve your law practice. The increased transparency will also help you prioritize tasks.
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The Benefits of Salesforce for Attorneys

Law firms have much to gain from using Salesforce, including an extensive ecosystem of people trained on the platform, customization, automation, and integration with thousands of other software solutions, such as e-sign, telephony, e-mail, text messaging, and document management. You can take advantage of the following benefits through AdvoLogix’s Salesforce-based platform.

Salesforce has an expansive ecosystem of integrations and partners. Accordingly, you can import your data from third-party applications, spreadsheets, and systems into Salesforce in real-time. Integrations can also give your team members a fuller understanding of clients’ accounts. With Advologix and Salesforce technology, your data is unified in one system for simple but robust reporting.

Legal data and trends can be complex to understand. Salesforce lets you present real-time data in dashboards and reports. Internal and external stakeholders will have an easier time understanding and deriving actionable insights from case data and operational performance. 

Conduct meetings with real-time dashboards and visualizations directly from Salesforce’s analytics cloud, Tableau. Reports and Dashboards are also pre-built and available out-of-the-box with AdvoLogix.

Salesforce uses various methods to ensure your data is secure, safe, and only available to registered users in your law firm or legal department. Advologix leverages these solutions to secure your client data:

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology safeguards your data through encryption and server authentication.
  • Salesforce Shield is a set of security tools for building extra layers of compliance, trust, and governance into your Salesforce apps. It includes the following:
    • Field Audit Trail shows you the historical state of your data for any date and time. You can use it for internal governance, regulatory compliance, and client service. 
    • Shield Platform Encryption builds on Salesforce’s out-of-the-box data encryption options. It can natively encrypt your most sensitive data at rest across all Salesforce apps. This will add another level of protection to sensitive, proprietary, and confidential data. It will also help you comply with regulatory requirements, contractual obligations for handling private data, and privacy policies. 
    • Real-Time Event Monitoring gives you access to detailed security, performance, and usage data on your Salesforce apps. Use it to analyze user adoption across apps, see who is accessing vital firm data, and optimize performance to improve user experiences. Salesforce tracks Event Monitoring data via the application programming interface. You can import the data into any data application or visualization monitoring tool, such as New Relic, Splunk, or Analytics.
    • Einstein Data Detect scans your firm’s files for sensitive data and takes steps to safeguard it. It expedites data categorization by aligning data categories and sensitivity levels to actual data. With Einstein Data Detect, you will no longer have to port your data or use third-party services.

Salesforce also provides each user in your firm with unique user credentials that must be used whenever a user logs in. Salesforce only issues a session cookie to record encrypted authentication data for the timeframe of a specific session. It does not use cookies to store other confidential session and user information — it uses more advanced security methods based on encoded session IDs and dynamic data. Two-factor authentication is enforced platform-wide.

Salesforce is hosted in a secure server environment that prevents access or interference from threat actors. It automatically replicates and backs up client data, verifies backups for integrity, and stores them in the same data centers as their originals. Salesforce can also generate and schedule backup files.

Your practice can use AdvoLogix’s Salesforce capabilities to create and share customized reports to visualize key metrics. Team members can then use these reports to analyze the health of your law firm or legal department and make data-driven decisions to increase profitability, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

You can also use the Salesforce App Cloud to create customized apps for your firm. With Salesforce App Cloud, users don’t need in-depth coding experience or knowledge — they can use drag-and-drop elements to build and deploy custom applications.

Finally, if your team prefers using pre-built apps to enhance their workplace, they can browse through thousands of pre-existing third-party apps in Salesforce’s  AppExchange that integrate seamlessly with AdvoLogix.

AdvoLogix for Law Firms: Built on Salesforce

AdvoLogix is a great way for lawyers and law firms to experience Salesforce. Founded in 2006, AdvoLogix is a powerful cloud-based legal management that is built on and integrates with Salesforce. Law firms, government organizations, and general counsels can use it to simplify legal matter management, improve client relationships, and build efficiency.

In addition to the powerful features and benefits of Salesforce, AdvoLogix boasts the following features:

A broad range of integrations: AdvoLogix integrates with many legal and business applications to help law firms run optimally. Examples include iManage, Five9, Worldox, Zapier, 8×8, Box, and Accounting Seed.

Customizations: AdvoLogix provides clear metrics and customizable reporting.

First-rate support: Our support is proactive, responsive, and knowledgeable.

Achieve more with AdvoLogix. Schedule a customized demo to discover how our Salesforce-based legal practice management solution can take your law firm or corporate legal department to the next level.

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