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Regarding cybersecurity, federal, state, and local governments must contend with ever-changing and overlapping regulations. In the past, adhering to these regulations often meant sacrificing convenience, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. With the AWS GovCloud data center and advanced legal software solutions from AdvoLogix, those in the public sector can enjoy the benefits of AI-driven automation and cloud-based flexibility while ensuring compliance with all necessary security regulations.

AWS GovCloud

Cybersecurity is a top priority for any public sector department, from large federal agencies to small local government offices. Their roles in different public services make them targets for data breaches and other cyber threats. Government entities continually look for ways to enhance cybersecurity, respond to threats faster, and preemptively stop threats before they happen. 

Recognizing the unique security needs of governmental departments, AdvoLogix is available within the Salesforce GovCloud environment to provide an advanced cybersecurity cloud system for federal, state, and local governments. With AdvoLogix’s GovCloud integrations, you can ensure your department’s software solutions meet all relevant legal security standards without sacrificing the necessary efficiency and convenience.

What Is GovCloud?

GovCloud is a unique data center offered as part of the broader Amazon Web Services software solutions. GovCloud is specifically designed to meet your specific and unique security requirements as a governmental employee. 

Due to the high cybersecurity standards relevant to government legal work, AWS GovCloud is based on a data center region isolated from other AWS data centers. This isolation allows AWS to securely restrict access to the data center and protect any data stored there from harmful security breaches. 

Limited access means that only you can access a GovCloud system, having much greater control over the authorization process. But, it also means that user authentication is much more secure in a GovCloud software solution. Convenient and secure control over system authorization and authentication is only possible with an isolated cloud network. 

In creating GovCloud, Amazon Web Services recognized the need for strict limitations on system access at all levels. All AWS employees working on GovCloud are authorized American citizens living in the U.S. Today. AWS GovCloud operates in two geographic regions—GovCloud US-East and GovCloud US-West. Government Northeast and West Coast employees can use multiple GovCloud regions for security redundancies.

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What Are the Benefits of Legal Software on AWS GovCloud?

GovCloud offers unparalleled security standards allowing you to reliably safeguard critical government data. But GovCloud goes a step further in response to the unique security needs of governmental agencies. 


GovCloud integrates both new and preexisting federal security regulations. Thus, you’ll fully comply with security regulations without spending too much time and effort analyzing your current cybersecurity protocols. 

Today, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, is the primary regulatory framework for cybersecurity protocols used by federal government agencies. These regulations are also constantly subject to change. As new laws are passed, new administrations change regulatory frameworks, and new court rulings affect security requirements.

AWS GovCloud fully complies with all FedRAMP standards, ensuring that any program built on GovCloud meets all necessary standards. GovCloud can also be updated regularly for new security regulations that may add to, or even replace, FedRAMP. 

A laptop powered with AWS GovCloud

Flexible Work

AWS GovCloud gives you the flexibility that comes with a high-level cloud system. With government legal management programs securely held on an AWS cloud, authorized users can access relevant data and systems from any computer or mobile device. 

This allows for a more streamlined workflow, and teams can collaborate and interact without being in the same physical location. While this level of convenience often means sacrificing security, AWS GovCloud’s strategic security infrastructure gives users peace of mind that critical government data is secure even on a convenient cloud system. 


You likely contend with sudden changes in your office’s budget, workload, and personnel numbers. So, extensive scalability is necessary for government IT departments to quickly scale their software systems without losing basic functionality or data. 

AWS systems, such as GovCloud, use advanced auto-scaling technology to maintain dynamic scaling capabilities for all programs. You can use the AWS Management Console for a convenient web interface when scaling their GovCloud programs. 

By using FedRAMP-certified GovCloud software, you’ll not only achieve full compliance with all current FedRAMP standards. You will also have a much easier time updating your cybersecurity protocols if federal security regulations change. 

GovCloud is fully compliant with other major federal regulatory standards for cybersecurity:

  • The Department of Defense Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide 
  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification 
  • United States International Traffic and Arms Regulations 
  • Criminal Justice Information Services Security Policy
  • IRS 1075 regulations for tax information
  • Federal Information Processing Standard 

Security To Protect Accounts and Information

GovCloud offers the most secure cloud computing system available. Amazon’s broader capabilities mean more real-time security for sensitive data and compliance with all regulations. 

You’ll know exactly where your data is and who can retrieve it. Data traveling across the network is automatically encrypted, and AWS security automation lead to less opportunity for human errors. 

A Trusted Solution

With its combination of cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, and flexibility, GovCloud systems can bolster your department’s credibility. In particular, GovCloud is extremely useful if you want to enter into contracts with other security-minded partners. 

The biggest players in both the public and private sectors trust GovCloud, including: 

  • Department of Justice
  • Department of the Treasury
  • NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Raytheon
  • Motorola Solutions 


GovCloud also integrates with many other programs commonly used by governmental agencies. Integrations like these allow you to connect your existing system data to your GovCloud program without experiencing data loss or costly integration errors. 

GovCloud integrates with popular programs, such as:

  • Amazon SQS
  • Amazon SNS
  • AWS Step Functions
  • Amazon EventBridge

AdvoLogix Offers AI Automation With the Security of GovCloud

Legal departments within federal, state, and local governments will benefit from the AI-driven automation capabilities available from AdvoLogix legal software solutions. AdvoLogix already offers high-quality Salesforce-based software for law firms and legal departments. With AdvoLogix built on Salesforce’s GovCloud, you’ll get the same automated convenience and efficiency that private law firms and legal departments currently experience. 

AdvoLogix’s Spend Management solution allows you to automate your budgetary processes without sacrificing essential security and efficiency. The AdvoLogix Legal Matter Management solution implements advanced AI technologies within a secure cloud-based platform to help you organize and manage your legal matters. 

The AdvoLogix Caster uses AI-driven automation to simplify data entry and invoice processing for any governmental department. With AWS GovCloud, you’ll reap these benefits while ensuring you comply with all federal cybersecurity regulations. 

See How AdvoLogix Can Transform Your Work

You no longer have to choose between security compliance and convenience, even when keeping up with changes or overlapping in government regulations. With AdvoLogix software solutions, large and small government departments now get the best of both worlds. 

If you need better flexibility and convenience from a software solution but contend with burdensome security regulations, discover AdvoLogix’s capabilities by speaking to our team for a comprehensive product walkthrough.

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