Legal AI Software: Automation in Corporate Legal Departments

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning have led to the creation of exciting new automation tools for law offices and legal departments. Thanks to legal AI software, your firm can automate tasks that previously required manual work by employees. Contact AdvoLogix to start your demo of the best legal AI software solutions on the market today.

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Attorneys and legal professionals often struggle to make time for the manual work on non-billable tasks in day-to-day operations. Corporate legal departments, in particular, suffer from limited time and resource efficiency due to the need for extensive manual data entry and invoice creation. 

The good news for legal professionals is that recent advances in artificial intelligence have led to revolutionary automated legal AI software solutions. By automating many of the day-to-day tasks inherent in a corporate legal office, legal AI tools available from AdvoLogix can free up your professionals to focus on your organization’s legal needs.

Four Processes that Legal Departments Can Automate Using Legal AI Software

Too much of a legal department’s daily work is often occupied by complex billing and invoicing requirements. For example, a corporate legal office must create comprehensive invoices for different vendors, many of which have their own preferred invoice templates and regulations. Legal professionals must spend extensive time manually entering individual data points, cross-checking information for accuracy, and ensuring compliance with all vendor standards. 

Legal AI tools and software solutions can fully automate many of these processes, including the following operations:

Invoice Data Entry

Invoices involve extensive data entry and cross-checking to ensure correct payments. Not only does this process take up too much time and energy on the part of human employees, but the risk of human error can result in incorrect invoices and, ultimately, incorrect payments. 

Legal AI software ensures quick and accurate automation of this process. The AdvoLogix Caster employs advanced, cloud-based machine learning capabilities to generate accurate data based on preexisting information from your systems. Since the Caster is built on Salesforce software, it can easily integrate with any other Salesforce system your law office has in place. 

The Caster’s complex machine learning turns unstructured data into organized invoices without the need for extensive human oversight. Furthermore, legal AI tools such as the Caster can correspond data entry to the formatting standards of different vendors and clients. 

Cross-Checking Billing against Existing Contracts

Traditionally, offices have hired professionals to review contracts and billing invoices to flag potential errors. While this process has been effective, it also is highly time-and resource-consuming.

Legal contract AI and other AI tools for legal documents can automate cross-checking billing against existing contracts. This saves you time and money while negating costly billing issues arising from human error. 

Tracking Expenses

Thanks to AI-driven legal software, you can automate your legal department’s expense tracking while minimizing costly budgetary errors.  The AdvoLogix Spend Management system integrates with your existing software to automatically keep track of all expenses.

Spend Management’s user-friendly interface allows you to easily view all your department’s expenses across a day, month, or fiscal year. Plus, its convenient integrations enable you to manage your time and budget data and make adjustments as needed. 


Legal invoices, contracts, and other legal document management processes must be accurate and comply with varying standards among different clients, vendors, and legal sectors, which often means much more work for corporate legal departments. Legal AI software such as AdvoLogix’s Spend Management solution automatically generates compliant invoices based on given formats. 

Considerations when Choosing Legal AI Software

If the automation capabilities of legal AI software sound like something that would improve your legal department’s operations, the next step is to identify the best solution for you. Here are a few factors to consider: 


Make sure the software integrates with the other systems and processes you use. If your department uses Salesforce software products, an AI-based Salesforce program for law firms would be a great addition to your system. 

Also, determine whether the system interface is user-friendly enough for your employees, and get a clear picture of what tasks the software automates. 


Salesforce-based software solutions are well-known for their industry-leading cybersecurity. AI programs built on Salesforce will maintain the highest degree of data security for all sensitive documents and invoices your department processes daily. 

And not only is AdvoLogix AI software hosted on secure Salesforce platforms, but AdvoLogix also uses advanced platforms from Amazon Web Services to ensure an additional layer of reliable security for all your document-processing needs. 

Cost and Savings

AI tools can save a significant amount of time and money by decreasing the need for manual data entry and excessive employee work on non-billable issues. In fact, AI-based automation can even reduce the number of hires your department needs to make. 

Legal AI can also catch billing errors that cause significant budgetary shortfalls while lessening manual work and human error in the billing system. With these long-term savings, a good legal AI software solution can give your department a good return on your initial financial investment. 

Three Legal AI Tools for Corporate and State Legal Departments

Your department has several highly regarded legal AI software options to choose from. Some of the best:

When searching for the best legal software tools, it’s important to consider on-premise vs. cloud-based solutions. AdvoLogix’s Caster uses advanced, cloud-based machine learning to fully automate legal invoice processes. 

By eliminating the need for manual data entry, the Caster can save your legal department time and money while minimizing invoice errors. Plus, the Caster integrates with AdvoLogix’s Spend Management platform and other Salesforce-based programs, ensuring easy and comprehensive integration into your system. 

Clio’s AI-driven legal management software lets your legal department manage clients, organize cases, and keep track of billable hours in a convenient automated format. 

Thomas Reuters offers several AI-based legal solutions. These include Westlaw Edge, which uses AI capacities to automate the legal research process with intelligent document analysis and customized legal reports. 

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Four AI Tools for Smaller Law Firms

Smaller firms or independent practitioners with limited budgets may benefit from less expensive or free legal AI software, though these products generally have fewer capabilities than more expensive options. Some of the better legal software solutions available for smaller firms include:

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Automate Time-Consuming Processes with Legal AI Software

AI-driven automation is the next major step forward in the world of CRM for legal departments and law offices of all stripes. Whether you run a small law firm, a large corporate legal department, or a unit in a government agency, you can achieve better results in less time by investing in high-quality legal software solutions. 

With tools such as the AdvoLogix Caster, you can attain advanced AI for legal teams and processes while minimizing the need for manual data entry. Get in touch with AdvoLogix to request a demo today. 

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