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Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance for any federal government department. Currently, the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or “FedRAMP,” maintains comprehensive cybersecurity standards for all cloud-based software products used by federal departments. Thanks to a foundation built on the FedRAMP-certified Salesforce platform, the AdvoLogix legal management software solutions are available with full FedRAMP compliance while maintaining essential convenience, flexibility, and efficiency.


Legal software systems of all kinds need to have extensive cybersecurity in place. After all, law firms and legal departments handle highly sensitive data, including financial information, personal information from clients, and information on ongoing legal cases. Even one data breach can expose legal professionals to legal and ethical consequences and an overall loss of reputation in the legal industry. 

But while public sector legal departments face these same issues, they also have to deal with additional security hassles in the form of regulatory laws.  Thanks to a foundation on FedRAMP-certified Salesforce software, AdvoLogix legal management solutions provide government legal departments with comprehensive security certification without sacrificing convenience, efficiency, or integration capabilities.

What Is FedRAMP?

FedRAMP stands for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program. First passed into law in 2011, FedRAMP provides a broad, comprehensive regulatory framework for cybersecurity protocols for all departments under the federal government’s jurisdiction.
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Cybersecurity for cloud networks

This framework is especially important when applied to cloud-based networks. Cloud software provides extensive benefits to both the public and private sectors, including convenient collaboration, reduced in-house costs, and efficient data access. However, unsecured cloud networks can increase the risk of costly data leaks.

Since cloud networks may have a greater risk of exposing sensitive data than in-house networks, federal regulatory agencies need to ensure that any cloud-based software a federal agency uses has the highest level of cybersecurity in place.

Achieving Standardized Security Compliance

Government offices likely hold some of the most sensitive data that a cloud-based program can store, such as financial records, personal data, and IT authentication information. Before FedRAMP, federal cloud security regulations were uncoordinated and often overlapped between departments, making compliance difficult and inefficient. The passage of FedRAMP in 2011 guaranteed that all federal government departments could share the same advanced cybersecurity regulations without gaps or redundancies.

The Purpose of FedRAMP Certification for All Levels of Government

Currently, cybersecurity regulations for federal government software fall under FedRAMP. But even legal departments in state and local governments can benefit from choosing FedRAMP-certified legal software.

Given the critical nature of data handled by governmental legal departments, and the public jurisdiction overseeing these departments, any legal department operating in a government office will need software with full compliance under several different regulations.

FedRAMP Certification with AdvoLogix

One of the main goals of FedRAMP was to standardize cybersecurity regulations across all government departments. On the one hand, this does simplify cybersecurity requirements for any government legal department. But on the other hand, it increases the importance of investing in FedRAMP-certified legal software.

The legal management software solutions available from AdvoLogix are an excellent resource for federal, state, and local government legal departments to ensure full compliance with all FedRAMP security regulations. AdvoLogix software is not only ideal for any federal agency under FedRAMP jurisdiction, but it’s also an excellent resource for local governments, businesses, and nonprofits who would likewise benefit from federal cybersecurity standards.

What Are FedRAMP Classifications?

Currently, FedRAMP has three types of classification for cloud-based software. They are the following:

In Process

An “in process” classification means that a cloud-based software product has been submitted for regulatory approval but is still undergoing FedRAMP authorization review.

Either the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board or an outside agency conducts this review. Software classified as “in process” may have sufficient cybersecurity protocols in place, but the relevant regulatory bodies have not fully verified compliance.


A “ready” classification means a software product has completed a third-party assessment of its readiness for full FedRAMP authentication. However, it is still awaiting the completion of the authentication process and is, therefore, not yet fully FedRAMP certified.


An “authorized” classification means a software product has passed full FedRAMP authorization review and is now FedRAMP certified.

What Is FedRAMP Certification?

FedRAMP certification means a cloud service provider has completed and passed a Readiness Assessment Report relating to its cybersecurity standards. This assessment report process is usually done in partnership with an accredited third-party assessment organization. However, cloud service providers can also get full FedRAMP authorization through the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board.
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What Are the Requirements for FedRAMP Compliance?

FedRAMP authorization is based on five distinct factors laid out by the FedRAMP Program Management Office. A cloud-based software product only achieves full FedRAMP authorization if it meets all five of the following criteria:

Why Is FedRAMP Important?

While FedRAMP is important for federal agencies and legal offices, it also has numerous benefits for smaller state and local governments, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Many legal departments are moving from in-house networks to more expansive cloud-based networks.

But while cloud-based software has many advantages, it can also bring increased risks for data security. By investing in FedRAMP-certified cloud software, both public and private legal departments can safely transition to cloud network capabilities.

FedRAMP compliance is also a great way to ensure cybersecurity standardization across all legal software in an industry or jurisdiction. Many local governments, businesses, and nonprofits will work directly with one or more federal agencies at some point. Having FedRAMP-compliant cloud-based software will make the integration between networks much easier.

AdvoLogix: Legal Software Integrated with Salesforce 

AdvoLogix legal software solutions within the Salesforce GovCloud envirnment offer multiple benefits for public and private legal departments while maintaining full FedRAMP compliance. 

These FedRAMP-certified programs include leading legal management software solutions that address key areas in the daily operations of legal departments. For example, the AdvoLogix Legal Matter Management solution uses a Salesforce foundation to help legal professionals handle complex legal matters in a convenient, flexible, and scalable cloud-based platform.

The AdvoLogix Spend Management solution provides legal professionals with convenient automation, scalability, and security for all budgetary needs. The AdvoLogix Caster implements advanced artificial intelligence tools to automate data entry needed for comprehensive invoicing. All these products combine security with convenience, integrations, and efficiency.

Work Securely with AdvoLogix

Legal departments in both the public and private sectors will benefit significantly from investing in FedRAMP-certified software solutions for their legal management needs. With AdvoLogix, legal professionals don’t have to choose between regulatory compliance and the capabilities of high-quality legal software.

AdvoLogix’s cloud-based platform provides unsurpassed data security that fulfills all FedRAMP authorization standards, while advanced artificial intelligence tools let legal professionals automate much of their daily work. Thus, they can focus on more pressing matters and core legal business.

Thanks to its Salesforce software foundation, legal departments can easily integrate their AdvoLogix programs with any preexisting Salesforce-based programs.

If you’re looking to achieve full FedRAMP compliance and benefit from top-tier legal management software, contact us to speak with a specialist and experience it firsthand through a live demo.

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