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CRM software allows businesses to better manage and nurture their communications and customer relationships. But did you know CRM can also benefit local governments and public sector offices? CRM software for local governments can help you improve efficiency, ensure compliance, and facilitate collaboration while maintaining essential data security. Learn how the local government CRM software solutions from AdvoLogix can help your governmental department get to the next level.

CRM Software
CRM technology
CRM technology

Over the past several decades, businesses worldwide have relied on customer relationship management, or CRM, software to integrate and improve their connection with their customer base. CRM software is an application, product, or service that helps businesses engage with customers and manage their data. As CRM software has grown more advanced to serve more needs, it is now common for government departments to use it, too.

Today, CRM software lets organizations coordinate communication points with those they serve. For businesses, this means following and communicating with customers at each stage of the buying process. Public agencies, on the other hand, can do this with citizens, stakeholders, and other government contacts. 

Through this integration of different touch points, CRM software for local governments can maximize citizen engagement, improve government services, and allow for better decision-making. It can also make the operations of any local government office or department more efficient and provide comprehensive cybersecurity for sensitive data.

Benefits of CRM Software for Local Government Agencies

For day-to-day operations, local governments have many specific software needs that CRM software can cater to.

Improved collaboration and communication

Your local government agency may oversee several different departments and offices that need to stay in constant communication. Your team likely also has to consistently communicate with other departments in the local, state, and federal government, as well as citizens, companies, and nonprofit organizations. 

CRM software provides effective communication tools with all of these actors. Your agency can coordinate with multiple departments and offices—including those at the state and federal levels. You can also use the software to communicate and set meetings with individuals in the local community, private sector actors, and nonprofit leaders.

CRM software for local governments features communication channels like email, SMS, live chats, video conferencing, and interactive dashboards. With CRM software from AdvoLogix, your department can integrate all these channels to improve communication efficiency. And thanks to the convenient cloud software provided by AdvoLogix, all authorized members of a particular project or issue can collaborate from any computer or mobile device.

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Maximized efficiency

With AI-driven automation features, CRM software can automate data entry processes to increase your office’s overall efficiency. AdvoLogix’s legal matter management software uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to automate rote tasks such as inputting stakeholder information and organizing documents.

Comprehensive data security

Government agencies at all levels handle highly sensitive personal data from constituents, residents, employees, and contractors. Cyber attacks and data breaches can be particularly devastating for local governments. 

CRM software built on secure software products such as Salesforce can mitigate potential data breaches before they happen. By using a CRM platform built on Salesforce, you get strong authentication protocols, real-time event monitoring, and shield platform encryption. 

These tools give you unparalleled control over who can access your data. You can also audit your data access protocols to identify any suspicious activity and encrypt sensitive information.

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CRM software has analytics tools for your financial, organizational, and operational data. For example, data mining features can analyze your department’s spending patterns. With these insights, you can better project budgetary expenses in the future and use your department’s resources more efficiently.

CRM software for local government can also provide:

  • Customizable reports and budgets
  • Data collection tools
  • Interactive charts

Factors To Consider When Choosing Local Government CRM Software

When searching for the best CRM for local governments, there are a few key things you should look out for.

On-Premise vs. Cloud Systems

A key consideration for choosing CRM software is whether it uses on-premise or cloud-based networks. On-premise software is housed locally in your department’s servers, while cloud-based software is hosted on a cloud via a third-party vendor. Cloud-based CRM software offers greater flexibility, access, collaboration, and security tools than software hosted on your own servers. However, cloud-based software without good cybersecurity may make you more vulnerable to data breaches. 

Government Security Certification

Your government agency must comply with relevant cybersecurity laws when using CRM software. AdvoLogix uses Salesforce software, which is certified according to the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP. 

FedRAMP pertains to federal government agencies. However, state and local governments can also use FedRAMP software to achieve greater cybersecurity and compliance with broader security standards. Also, local governments must occasionally communicate with federal agencies, and consistent security standards make communication much easier. 


Look for a CRM program that can integrate with your legacy software and existing solutions. This will save you from any hassles when setting up your new CRM software.
For example, many government offices use Slack to communicate. By choosing a CRM platform with Slack integrations, such as one built on Salesforce, you can integrate your new CRM software with older Slack data without over-expending time and resources. 

Customer Support

CRM software solutions must also have exceptional customer service and technical support. AdvoLogix’s comprehensive help center gives customers all the information they need to onboard specific software products. The AdvoLogix help center also helps you troubleshoot technical issues and answer any questions. 

AdvoLogix Provides CRM Solutions for the Public Sector

AdvoLogix’s software products provide comprehensive CRM solutions to public sector agencies of all kinds. If you work in a local government office, you and your co-workers can benefit from the following AdvoLogix solutions.

CRM Platform Built on Salesforce

AdvoLogix’s CRM products are built on Salesforce, meaning you’ll get leading data security.  

Additionally, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art communication tools to keep track of your relationships, schedule meetings, and respond effectively to stakeholders and members of the public. With AdvoLogix’s CRM analytical tools, you’ll have organized data, reports, and cloud-based dashboards to help you make better decisions.

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Spend Management

The AdvoLogix Spend Management program uses AI-driven technology to give your department greater efficiency in its budgetary and financial processes. With Spend Management, you can compile comprehensive budgetary reports, keep track of expenses, and perform advanced analytics on financial data to create future projections. You can also better communicate your department’s expenses to the broader public and relevant stakeholders. 

Additionally, Spend Management lets you automate much of the manual data entry that often goes into your department’s budgetary work. This way, you can avoid tedious busywork and focus on more helpful problem-solving. 

Matter Management

Local government offices frequently must manage complex legal issues—often on a limited budget. The AdvoLogix Legal Matter Management program lets you manage documents and data associated with different cases while maximizing your department’s overall efficiency. With the legal document management capabilities from Matter Management, you can quickly compile comprehensive budgetary reports, collaborate between different departments, and keep track of all your important files. 

The AdvoLogix Caster

The AdvoLogix Caster automates invoice processing. With The Caster, your department can use advanced machine learning to automate all invoice data entry. Plus, the Caster allows you to organize all invoice data by contractor, product, or service, normalize it into relevant fields, and even customize your invoice templates for specific contractors. 

Get Started With AdvoLogix Today

CRM software for local governments can make a massive difference in your department’s daily operations. With AdvoLogix, you can benefit from user-friendly CRM features while customizing the software to your office’s specific needs. 

Built on Salesforce software, AdvoLogix also takes the hassle out of security compliance, software integration, and collaboration across departments. Reach out today to talk with one of our specialists to see firsthand how we can enhance your capabilities. 

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