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AdvoLogix Unveils AI-Driven SALI Code Initiative in Matter Management Platform

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September 26, 2023

AdvoLogix, a leading provider of cloud-based legal case management software, is excited to announce a groundbreaking initiative that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) for SALI Code implementation in its Matter Management Platform. This initiative marks a transformative step in legal technology, aiming to redefine how legal teams manage, categorize, and analyze their matters.

This Latest Addition to AdvoLogix’s AI Suite, Following the Success of Caster Legal Invoice Automation, Offers Automated AI Capabilities for SALI Area of Law Matter Tagging.

About the New Feature

The AI-Driven SALI Code Initiative aims to revolutionize the way legal teams manage their matters. Leveraging the SALI Alliance’s LMSS 2.0, this feature is designed to support almost 10,000 categories for legal services in the future.

“Our modular approach to AI, starting with Caster and now extending to SALI code implementation, reflects our commitment to innovation and efficiency. This new initiative is more than just a feature; it’s a strategic move towards creating a more cohesive, intelligent, and user-friendly ecosystem for legal professionals,” added Dave Schwab, CPO of AdvoLogix.

Key Features and Benefits

Expanded Taxonomy

  • Unparalleled consistency in legal operations, seamlessly integrating with native Salesforce Reports, Dashboards, and Tableau for accurate and actionable analytics.
  • A robust foundation for all your Data Science endeavors, offering both out-of-the-box solutions and the flexibility for custom analytics.

Graph Database Integration

  • See and understand the relationships within your data, enabling more precise matter pricing and predictive analytics for matter outcomes.

AI-Driven Automation

  • LLM-enabled automation that intelligently categorizes matters into their corresponding SALI Areas of Law, streamlining the management process.
  • Enhanced security measures that exceed native LLM capabilities, including compliance with FedRamp standards for secure environments.


  • Leveraging SALI, a recognized industry framework, to facilitate seamless integration with analytics, business intelligence platforms, and other essential tools.

Strategic Alignment

  • Modular, strategic approach to AI implementation, allowing easy and rapid deployment, as well as click-to-configure customizations to meet customer needs.


This initiative serves as a significant milestone in AdvoLogix’s journey towards transforming legal operations through technology. It stands as another testament to the company’s commitment to providing innovative, efficient, and customizable solutions for legal professionals.

About AdvoLogix

Founded in 2006, AdvoLogix is a leading provider of cloud-based legal case management software. Built on Salesforce, AdvoLogix’s solutions are secure, customizable, and scalable, catering to the needs of law firms, legal departments, and government agencies.

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